You can be very wealthy with high income skills and you make your money

Let me go buy the course for $69.95. Two easy payments. I buy that, I learn that I’m gonna buy real estate, and they buy a couple of pieces of real estate. suddenly, the tenant moves out, the toilet broke, now what? Their fucked. They don’t even have enough money to fix the toilet. Now they’ll be going into preventing. And they lost everything and they say now, real estate doesn’t work. That’s why it doesn’t work. Because you don’t have the first piece. You don’t have that first piece. You got to get to that first piece first, and here’s what’s very, very interesting. I know a lot of people who do very well. They don’t even have a scalable business.

You can be very wealthy with high-income skills and you make your money and then you put it into high return investments. You could do very, very well. I don’t believe. I truly don’t believe everybody should have a scalable business. It’s not for everyone, not everyone is cut out for that. And you don’t have to be that to do very well. Like a friend of mine who is a photographer. Just a photographer. In the very high end, I mean he takes photos for Jim Pattison’s He has a whole team. He charges a lot of money, makes six-figure income a year. And he started investing in real estate 20, 20 somewhat years ago. Today he has a story of about 250 units that’s worth about 20, 25 million dollars.

High income skills, put money aside, invest long term, 20, 30 years. He’s got huge popularity, yes? Doesn’t have a scalable business Yes, Nathan? So is a scalable business only a product or is it that you have employees and they’re making money for you? It’s not the business type, it’s how you do your business. So let’s say if you are doing SEO as a sole owner, not as by yourself. Let’s say you’re making 10K a month, that’s a high-income skill, right? But suddenly, let’s say, you know what? I’m going to transition that into, I’m gonna do reputation management for a company. I’m gonna take on different type of clients. So you build your business model where you have a team that you’re not doing so much of the work.

You’re holding the team system, technology, suddenly, it becomes a scalable business. So it could be that, hey you know, if you want me, it’s gonna be five grand a month to do SEO. Me. But if you want my team it’s two grand a month. So now you’re both going on. Does that make sense? So it all depends on, not. It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it. Yes? So do your high income skills have to be your job? Or Did I say high-income jobs? The difference is, a job, you’re dictated by somebody else to say how much you’re worth.

A skill you’re dictated to by the market place, and you can increase that. So one of your goals should be increasing that every year. I don’t care if it’s five percent, I don’t care if it’s 10 percent, I’m making a 100K last year. This year I want to make a 110K, I wanna make 120K. Keep increasing that, increasing your value, yes? Now let me give you one more example. Sometimes people say to me and say, Well you know Dan. Let me give you an example, let me say you’re in marketing, it’s not a scalable business. I’m right, now we’re marketing. You know some people like it, some don’t like it, it’s a scalable business. The challenge is, 99% of people don’t make money in network marketing. Because they are using that as an escape.

Please write this down. You can’t escape from something, you’ve got to escape to something. You can’t escape from your job and say I’ll jump into something. Or maybe that will help me get rid of my job. It’s not like that, because they don’t have the skills in the first place. And they jump to something and that’s why, Oh, it’s so hard, I talked to my friends and family. I get a rejection, I’m done and this MLM shit sucks. It has nothing to do with that. Other people are making a lot of money with MLM marketing, yes? Some people make a lot of money with real estate. Other people making no money with real estate. It’s the same, there’s nothing to do with that.

There’s nothing do to with that. So, with this, now here’s what happens, when your business doing very well. You’re making, generating a lot of cash, a lot of cash. Now you put into your high return investments, so you make it. You grow it, now you kind of park it here as a high return investment. You put it in there, you don’t touch it. You just let it grow. It grows your net worth, it grows your net worth. And every month you look at your net worth statement and it’s getting better and better and better and better. That’s stability. Income, net worth, here is the thing. Here’s the thing. When you skip and people start jumping to that and you skip that. With this triangle, now you know where you stand and what you should focus on.

Actually, you know what? Let me give you two minutes. How long?  Two minutes. To discuss around the table, what you’ve learned so far. Okay? Go. Let’s take a little deeper here. Let’s take a little bit deeper. Now why is it important you have the high income skill, before your scalable business? Because here’s what happens. Let’s say you start an eCommerce business and it’s growing. And you’re acquiring customers and your driving traffic and it’s doing well. And now you’re like, you know what? It’s good.

I can scale this thing. My question is where the fuck do you come up with the money to scale it? Because all your money is put in the business, the marketing, the inventory. You have a model that works, you have no money to scale it. Now at this point can you bring in an outside investor? You could give them percentages of your equity and all that stuff, you could. But when you have your scalable business first, now you have money to scale.

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