What is Cash flow pattern and how to properly manage my money?

It just wasn’t true and my incoming income continued to go up but my situation never really changed. At first, when I was, I started kind of have a little bit of a break. And I was making 2,500 dollars a month as a copywriter. I pray to the universe, and say, you know, please, please, just let me double my income. Let me get up to 5,000. I will never ask for anything else. Just get me up to 5,000. I’m happy, my mom, I’m picking up my mom. I’m good. I can no longer have to buy, you know, those expired groceries. I can buy some real groceries and I get to 5,000, what happens? You want more.

Then I’m praying again, please, please, like, universe, just let me, just double that one more time. 10,000 a month, yes, 10,000, I will never ask for anything again. I hit the 10,000 and you found ways to spend money. A better car, better stuff and then you get 10,000. Of course, same room I pray again cause it kind of worked. Somehow, please, whatever I was doing it’s kind of working. Since I was spending so much. Please just let me double that one more, just, I’m not greedy, just one more time. I will not swear anything again ever. Let me double down. 20K, that’s all I need. You get to 20K, you find ways to spend it. Same room.

Hi. Yes, it’s me again.  It’s me again and that did not work. That did not work. So, the only difference was when I was younger and earning less, the behavior was the same. But when I was earning less, now I have a lot more debt and a lot more stuff. A lot more toys, a lot more stuff that I could spend but kind of the same. If you look at my financial statement, it’s the same. Doesn’t matter I was making, you know, 2,500 dollar a month. And now 25,000 a month, my cash flow pattern.

What is it? Cash flow pattern. It’s the same, it’s a poor person’s cash flow pattern. It doesn’t matter how much I make, I just spend it. How many of you can find ways to spend money? Quite easily, yes? You notice, when you have when you were just getting started in your career. What you want and what you need, it’s like, well, this is how much I want. Actually, how many of you have done that, like. Hey, you know what, this is all I need. Just let me double that, it will be nothing. How many of you have done that before? Is it the same room? Same prayer? Right? So, I was getting a new car.

Now, this was, back then I had my Mazda sports car and you can see my oversized suit. My fucking glasses, my spiky hair. Back then I was younger. So I was getting, I was getting a new car every year, right, and I got the Audi R. That was nice and all that stuff. I mean, would go out to dinner with my friends and we would drop, like, 3K, three grand a nigh. And I don’t even do drink. I do not drink and we drop three grand. How, I have no clue. I don’t even know what they eat and what they drink. I have no clue. So, we’re spending this money stupid. It was very, very stupid. So, why spending money feels good and this is the psychology of it.

I think because it’s just my logic. Kind of what I came up with. I believe when you are poor, you’re surrounded by things that you think you would like to own. Oh, the nice car, the nice house, the vacation or those things that I want to buy. But cannot afford to buy. After a while, you associate the feeling of unsatisfied desire with poverty. So, when desiring begins to feel poor, having things seems like they will make you feel rich. I’ll say again. When desiring begins to feel poor, having seems, like it will make you feel rich. So, I was feeling unsatisfied and I thought about buying the next car, buying the next thing would make me happy.

Now, how many you have had this experience? Maybe, even guys, like, you have this dream car or whatever you want to buy. Whatever thing, it doesn’t have to be car, but it’s a big purchase, okay? That you really want to get and you work your ass off and you get it. And the happiness lasts for, about what, how long? Hm? Couple months, maybe a few days, maybe a few months. In some cases maybe a few hours, who knows, whatever the thing is. Then, guess what, then we look for the next thing, right? I’ve done that, I’ve done that.

Nothing wrong with that and I tell all my young friends. Even I tell them “don’t go buy the sports car,” they’ll still fuck do it. I know that cause they need to get that out of their system. They need to, you know, yeah, I said don’t. Don’t buy the Maserati. It’s, really, it’s not necessary. Yeah, yeah Dan, I know, I agree with you but let me buy it, let me learn it myself, right? Then I’ll drive something, something else. They all have to go through that. Nothing wrong with that. I’ve gone through that. I learned it very, very quickly. I still like nice things, don’t get me wrong and I’ll share with you how you can have nice things. And still, have the freedom that you want. So, realize that just making more money was not the answer.

Making more money was not what? Was not the answer. So I had to learn how to properly manage my money. Whatever money that comes in. And I had to learn how to acquire and create assets that would create wealth. There’s a very big difference between making money and creating wealth. Some of you are very good at making money. Also good at creating wealth. They’re two very, very different things. Just because you know how to make money doesn’t mean you know how to create wealth.

They’re two very, very different things. From that point on, I made it my mission to locate and study all the information I could find on the subject of money. Making it, keeping it, growing it, multiplying it. How do you do that? And through the effort, trial and error, a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. I now have developed a set of principles and guidelines which is what I’m gonna share with you today, okay? Does that sound good? Yes! -Yeah, which is what I’m gunna share with you today.

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