Wealth Principle Number One

If you believe that each dollar that you have came to you at someone else’s expense. You gain another person’s loss, that keeps your wealth attraction power turned down. Never to full power. If you believe every dollar that you make someone is losing a dollar. If I make a dollar somebody’s losing, it’s a zero-sum game? Guess what, you don’t want to be a bad person, do you? So then you make sure, subconsciously, you don’t what? You don’t make the money. Never the full power. So as you work harder, but you have this emergency brake on, it’s counter-productive. That’s the bad news.

The good news is if you can release this, you can go forward, everything becomes easier. It is what I call in the flow, in the flow of money. In Chinese, there’s a saying, circling money, it’s not making money. You look at the word, it’s circling, in Chinese saying, money. It’s not creating money, it’s circling money. Yes, Chris? Is that why they call it a currency then because it travels in like. Yeah, yeah, you’re in a flow. Let me give an example. How many of you have a refrigerator at home? Okay, what do you have on your refrigerator? Just, just, huh, pictures, okay yes? Rice. -Huh? Rice.

What else, do you have those fridge magnets? What do you put on there, calendar, what do you have? Nothing. – Nothing, okay cool, nice and clean? Nice, okay good, that’s a good thing, yes? That looks like my fridge. Who said it? Does that look like your fridge? Man, we’ve got some work to do, man, we’ve got some work to do. Do you know people actually put their statements and bills on the fridge? Okay, guess what? Every time you open the fridge, you look at that, what does that attract? More bills and more statements.

Debt, that’s what you look at. Let me give you another example. Your drawers, okay, people put their what? Bills, statements, receipts, be honest, how many of you, your drawer, it’s a mess? It’s okay, yeah, it’s okay, it’s a mess. How many have bills, statements in your drawer? Okay, what else do you have in your drawer? Kitchen drawer, or you know, office, whatever. What else do you have? Bills, receipts Huh? Receipts, crap, what else? What else? folders. Folders, okay, good, you want more folders? Put more folders in your drawer.

What else? Nothing? Files. Files. Socks. Socks, right? Here’s what I have in my drawer. Yeah. Cash. Cash. Every damn time I open the drawer, that’s a lot of cash. It’s what I call, write this down, wealth trigger. I have a lot of wealth triggers in my house. See, I don’t talk about these things. Well, you guys never ask, but I don’t talk about these things. Money. Imagine every time you open a drawer, you see this. How does that make you feel? It’s pretty tough to feel, like, shortage, when you are like, shit, damn.

I try to get a pen, let me put my, like.  Aww, then I put the cashback, right? But sometimes, I notice some of my cash disappears because my wife is like, “Oh I need a hundred bucks.” I don’t even count, who cares, okay? It’s just a piece of cash. So that’s one of the things I have, cash. Statements, all of that, when you get your statement, here’s what I do. When I get my statement, envelope, I pay immediately. I don’t wait, I pay immediately.

Take care of everything and then I put it away in my envelope. Take it to my accountant. Take me five, 10 minutes. I don’t want to spend more than five, 10 minutes of my mind focusing on paying the bills ’cause what happens. You think, oh I’ll pay it next week and I’ll pay the week after. And then I’ll pay just the day before the credit card statement.

What happens, all these things, they stay in the where? You keep thinking about it. And what effort you focus on expands. You keep getting these bills. And they get bigger and you don’t even know why. I can tell you why, ’cause you’re thinking about it 10, 20, 30 times every month! I just want to pay it, it’s an obligation. I gotta pay utility, electricity, done. Five minutes, it’s done, it’s my obligation. Focus on doing something else, creating wealth. Okay, yes? What other triggers do you put around your house? – I’ll show you bit by bit, that’s one of them. So then the two books I recommend by the same author, one is called more, what’s the word? more.

The other one is called Bold, by the same author, Peter Diamandis. Great books. If you have any issues with, oh what’s happening, because sometimes the news is telling you we’re running out of food, right? What’s some of the negativity that the media is telling you? We’ve got what’s happening around the world, tell me. Terrorism. – Terrorism, yes. Killing. – Killing, yes. War. – War, yes. Food shortage, right, global warming, all these things. Oh my God, we’re gonna be running out of food in X amount of years, and people are gonna die, and all these things.

When you read that book, you see, the author has a totally different point of view. That he believes in using technology, will solve all of these problems. Regardless, here is what I am saying, regardless if he is right or not, I don’t care if he’s right or not. I care those are very positive thoughts. Those are good things, those are a good belief system. I want to adapt to put into this computer. That’s a good piece of software. Let’s put that in there. That’s okay, regardless if it happens or not. But I’m very aware and conscious of what I put into my mind. Does that make sense, okay? Your wealth is an addition for you, but it’s subtraction for no one else.

You making a dollar doesn’t mean you take a dollar from somebody else. So take all you can and the universe will always make more. If you truly believe in abundance, make as much money as you can. It is a gift from the universe. It’s not limited, it’s not limited. It is like you’re worried about it. Let’s say you have this vast ocean and you’re worried about if I take a cup of water away from the ocean that the ocean will dry up. You can take as much water as you could. It’s not gonna dry up. It’s just, it’s, not in our lifetime anyway. It’s just a belief that you could have. So Wealth Principle Number One. 10 times your finances, 10 times your business, 10 times your marketing, 10 times your life, Hit the subscribe button now.

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