Scale and magnitude together create billionaires

Thinking alone never made anybody rich unless their thinking manifests itself into consistent action. What are the two keywords? Consistent action. What are the two keywords? Consistent action. What kind of action? Consistent action. Two-word application of laws that work, that work. Scale creates millionaires, magnitude creates millionaires. What is the scale? Volume. Volume. You want to make millions? Sell millions of something. Magnitude, depth, transaction size. Sell a two million dollar thing, five million dollar thing, 10 million dollar thing. Then you can also be a millionaire.

Scale and magnitude together create billionaires. You retrace the source of millionaire money and you will find millions of something. To make it simple and short, you want to make millions, impact millions. It’s very simple. You’re not making the money that you want? Look at how many people you’re impacting. Just look at the results. If you’re working for a boss, you have a job. You’re impacting that one person, you’re working for that one person, which limits how much value you deliver in a marketplace. Tough to be a millionaire doing that, yes? As a businessman. If you’re providing a service, you’re only working with. Unless you have a lot of magnitudes, charge a lot of money, then it’s tough to be a millionaire.

You think in terms of you sell something, you sell to millions of people. Yes, that’s how you get there. So retrace the source of millionaire money and you’ll find millions of something. Forget the law of attraction, the law of affection. The law of what? Affection. How many people do you affect states the more lives you affect in an entity that you control in scale or in magnitude. The richer you will become. The law of affection. See if you have something that is impacting millions of people.

You could have a negative attitude. You will make millions. Are there people making millions that’s an absolute jerk. Anybody answer question. Are there people making millions they’re the nicest people you have ever met? Money does not care. Money doesn’t have a conscience. It doesn’t have a good one. You’re a bad person, I’m not gonna let you have me. Or you’re a good person, I’m gonna let you have some more. There are some of the nicest, kindest people that I know, completely broke. There are also people who are very, very kind, very nice, very rich. It’s nothing to do with each other, mmkay? Law of affection.

Before I go into that, it takes two minutes. How long?  Two minutes. Discuss the first two principles. The first one, and the second one. Okay? Go. “I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)” by Pitbull Shake their hand and say “thank you for sharing” please. So share with me, just yell out the answer a-ha moments. What it means to you just the first two principles. What it means for you. I guess for me, understanding that money is a circulation- – Circulation. It’s like circulation so it helps with my investment buying. Say the only way I’m going to make money is if I give it, and, yeah, that’s just how I understand it.

Sometimes you think about it with the economy which causes an economic downturn. It’s a lack of- what? A lack of circulation. You hear it from the government. If you want to help the economy from the U.S. You want to help the economy, go out there you- spend. Circulate. Circulate. Now am I saying you don’t want to save any money? No. You gotta go through that stage. When you save enough, you want to invest, you want to multiply, but first you gotta master making it. You’re good at it. Maybe for some of you, it’s difficult to believe. Making it is actually pretty damn easy.

If you’re actually good just take my word, making it once you get how it works. Most of the time, making it is a function of sales and marketing. You’re good at sales and marketing? Money comes. Keeping it and multiplying it is way harder. Way, way harder. Way harder. Earl knows. Go to the mike man, you gotta share your story. Give Earl a round of clapping. Give like a one minute version of it.

What the hell happened. Hi guys, my name is Earl Hi Earl. So, the quick story- if you want the longer version, I’m doing a longer version on the 23rd. I tell the story of how I made a bunch of money so I made a 40 million dollar empire. And then I fucked up and I lost it all. 2008 hit me more than it hit lots of other people. And yeah, now I’m rebuilding stuff. And actually, it’s funny.

One of those things you talked about number three, right, not worthy- it’s funny, I sent you an email. This is almost a year ago, and I was in that stage not feeling, not worthy- right. I mean I made a million bucks, it’s easy to do. Actually the funny thing is, Dan picked me up. He said, you don’t have to hit a certain level to work with me again. It wasn’t a question of worthiness. You’re my friend, I want to help you anyway, let’s do this. And, the funny thing is when I finally decided to get off my ass, 60 days, six figures. Six months, seven figures.

I report back to Dan every week “hey this is what I’m doing” and the first couple updates were sexy. “hey look at this, look at this, look at this” the last couple updates, not sexy but consistent action. Right, but that’s it. You can make it. Making it is stupidly easy. I actually stopped selling and I’m making more sales now than I was when I was selling. So, the sales and marketing function? Yeah, 100 percent. But keeping it is a bitch. I like that quote, “Making it is easy, keeping it is a bitch.” that’s really, you’re writing this down? That’s good. Put that on Facebook. I like that. Tweet that. Ten times your finances, your business and your marketing. Ten times your life. Hit the subscribe button now.

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