Passive income doesn’t mean it’s permanent.

What I’ve learned is this, most people actually don’t want to retire. They just want to be able to do what retired people do. They still want to get, they want to go on vacation, they want to buy the things they want to buy, they want to provide them for their family. But most people don’t actually want to do anything. And staying at home not feeling alive, and I did that so I was gonna after the 30s. This is nuts I can’t do this, this is. I worked so hard to get to this point when I got here. Looking was looking at the beach, I’m like, this is not what I signed up for, this is not what I wanted, this is not how life is supposed to be. So I went into a different path, I said well you know what, I love movies.

How many of you love movies? I love movies, so let’s instead of doing that, let’s watch some movies at home. Why don’t we do that, okay? So I was renting all these movies, DVDs at a time. And I was watching, five, six movies a day. Let me tell you something, when you watch, five-six movies a day. You don’t like movies so much unless you’re a movie reviewer or something but that’s not good either. After 30 days of that, I called up my mentor, and he was just laughing on the other end. I said “I don’t get it, like what should I do. I feel, how come this is my goal, and I got here, and how come I’m so depressed.

How come I’m so empty I don’t understand, he was just laughing on the other end. He said, “well you know what, “I was expecting three months, “you couldn’t even last two months.” I said, “what do you mean?” Well ’cause you’re a businessman. You are a creator, that’s what businessmen are, you create stuff, you use your creativity to create value in the marketplace. And now you’re sitting at home you’re going to the beach, you’re watching movies. It’s not creating anything, you feel, you’re so dead, you feel so dead, it’s just not the way to go. I said “You don’t understand, I’m done. “Like I’m not gonna do anything, “I’m not gonna start another thing, nothing. He said, “You have to.”

He said you have to because now, right now you’re not happy. He said, “Are you happy now?” I said, “No I feel miserable.” He said, “That’s not good.” “So go back to business”, but he said this time, “You start a business “from a different place.” Because I’ve made my money, now I can start from a place of well you know what. I can do stuff that I want to do, I think getting involved with projects I want to get involved with.

I can work with the people I want to work with. Because before it was just, money, money, money and I want to make the money I want to be done. I want to retire, got there now, okay. Now I can just do it for the sake of doing it, I could do stuff, I could show up and speak if I want to. I can not show up and speak if I don’t want to.

Nobody can point a gun to my head and ask me to do anything if I don’t want to do it. I’m here because I want to be here. If I don’t want to be here, I’m not here. So I can do whatever I want, so you know I said. You know to spend a couple of days with me and just writing down in my private journal. You know Dan if you could do anything, what would you want to do. So I write down all this stuff that, what would it look like and what my business would look like. What my life would look like and I mapped out everything, mapped out everything. So then before going into that, let me tell you another story. I have trained a number of young guys.

And I helped them, you know young guys and you know set up the ebooks, and sell stuff online digital products. And their goal was to make three, four grand a month. Then just go to Thailand and live their life, and I’ve helped a number of young guys to do that. And once I help them accomplish that, and I called them up and sometimes see how they’re doing, guess what, none of them are happy, none of them. In fact they’re all totally lost. They’re in the early 20s, they don’t have to work, they’re in Thailand. I mean they’re drinking, they’re partying, they all thing doing all this shit, and partially I feel I’m responsible for that as well. Because I taught them the profit path, but I never gave them the purpose path.

I just said hey you know, they just, hey you want to make enough money to be free. I’ll teach you to do that and that’s it, and you do your thing. And now they all lost, and so I feel like I gotta bring them back. That’s a lesson that I’ve learned that with passive income. listen to this, just because it’s passive, write this down, doesn’t mean it’s permanent, just because it’s passive doesn’t mean it’s permanent. it does not mean it’s permanent, because I’ve had this experience when I had these multiple 20, 30 sites selling these ebooks through Clickbank. I was using pay-per-click and I was, could be one ebook making 500 bucks a month in passive income.

The other book could be making 3,000 a month in passive income. Then I hold 20, 30 of these sites, and I was making good money, and suddenly in Google. The AdWords, the cost, everything changed, so my profit went from this, to this, it was very passive for a period of time. But then my just my expenses kept getting more and more and my profit keeps getting like this.

So then I learned well just because it’s passive, doesn’t mean it lasts forever, it does not mean it’s permanent. So people might think have this picture, well if I make enough passive income. Then I don’t have to work, I can retire, and I can just, don’t have to spend any time to maintain it and leave it as it is. It does not work that way, it does not work that way, that’s not how it works. You do need to spend the time to maintain it.

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