Detail about passive income

Think of the moment in your life. Any moment where you were the most passionate. You were the most excited, you were the most alive were you like passively sitting there doing nothing. Or were you doing stuff or were you challenging yourself or were you stepping out of your comfort zone?  Stepping out of my comfort zone. You were doing new stuff like this is cool I’ve never done this before this is now you’re active right? You’re not passive, it’s the same in business. It’s the same in business, you cannot create meaning, passion or purpose in your life passively.

So every time I’ve seen someone create a business whatever business he’s in. With the ultimate intention of getting away from that business and its customers as quickly as possible instead of moving towards that business. And its customers, it fails. Because when you say the word passive income to your brain, what signal does it send to your brain? It sends the signal to your brain this, how can I get the most with the least amount of work? Because you want passive. How can I do the least amount of effort, but the least amount of effort and get the most out of this deal? Think about it.

In other words, you’re saying what can I get away with? What can I get away with? You know it, what can I get away with? So instead of going with that intention. And you don’t give a damn about the customers. I just want to make some money. Make enough so I can go on vacation and stuff like that. Now if you’re with that intention going to a business, are you gonna do well? No.

Just no way but what if we change that up? What if you go into with an intention, purpose, and meaning and say you know what. I’m here to impact people’s lives, I’m here to help somebody, I’m here to make a difference. I want to make money I want to make a profit but I could do that in a way that’s gonna be nobody’s ever done this before. What if you go with that intention?

Now is your business more likely to be successful? Yes.  And are your customers gonna feel the difference? You bet. They are not just some digits. They’re not just a credit card number They know that they’re people yes?  Yes. – So at the end of the day, think about that. So if your intention is to make enough so I can get away from it, no move towards it. Hold your customers and engage, interact with the customers. Go and meet, if (yells) just want to make especially internet guys right.

Oh, just this and do this and automate this and. I always say to them you know you cannot automate and systemize something that’s not worth anything. If you have not created value in the first place then what the hell are you automating? What are you automating? Once you create value on a big scale and now you need people. You build a team. Now you can automate, now you can systemize so we can serve more people.

Does that make sense? There’s a big difference in mindset. So the business you’re investing in or creating doesn’t tend to be creating value for its customers or for anyone. So it doesn’t tend to spit off the cash that you’re hoping it will, of course. So many times I’ve seen people pursue passive income and end up having active losses instead. How many of you have been there? End up having active losses instead. So here’s the truth, don’t aim for a passive income, aim for leverage income.

What kind of income?  Leverage income, aim for that, don’t aim for passive. Aim for leverage, aim for leverage and as you build it. Now you’re having a team, now you have some systems in place. The income keeps going up and up and you notice my pattern, I have a lot of leverage. I don’t have all passive, I’m mostly leveraged through my business, through my people, leveraged. Now with this mindset, with this new understanding, are you still gonna be buying all those get-rich-quick crap out there? Better not. But it’s your choice. So if not, now but then are you saying that I shouldn’t invest in myself?

Are you saying that I shouldn’t invest in my own education? Is that what I’m saying?  No. That’s not what I’m saying but how do you differentiate? So these programs and this and things and compared to maybe a workshop or a book. How would I know when should I invest or not invest? Let me give you a very simple, simple solution. Anything you want to invest in could be any education. Ask yourself this question, if I learn this skill, if I go to this thing. If I buy this program, is this gonna help me to generate more leverage income within what I do? Not let me buy this magic pill or bullet so it solves all my problems. So then I don’t have to deal with this anymore.

You’re not looking for an escape. You’re looking for can I add this to what I’m doing that would enhance what I’m doing right now? You have this skill set or maybe cells. May be smoking what the other skill that you might need but is this gonna help me generate more leverage income? Do you see the distinction yes or no? Yeah, so that’s how you make the decision. Is this gonna help me generate more average income? By all means, go for it. This is a distraction, it’s a magic pill, it’s poisoned, snake oil, stay away from it.

In fact, how many of you are, in your email box you get a lot of different offers. And subscribe to the different teachers and stuff like how many of you how many have that? Okay the first recommendation, go home, unsubscribe yourself from all that crap. So you can focus. So it’s not today to buy this, tomorrow it’s buy something else, the next day it’s buy something else and buy something else never ends. It never ends unsubscribe yourself from all those just think of the peace you’ll have when you open your email box. Oh actually now I can read an email from my friend instead of all those offers.

Yeah, unsubscribe, you don’t need it. You do not need it. How many are gonna do that? Yeah just unsubscribe, liberating, freedom! That’s freedom. Then no more of the shiny object syndrome no it’s not one thing and buys the next thing and the next thing and the next thing. Now he said what’s interesting Why do people do that though?


Getting rich is not an act, it is a habit

Do you know why you struggle financially? Do you know why you’ve got no money at the end of the month? Because you have the habits of poor people. You see, rich people, we have very, very different habits compared to the poor and the middle class. Today, I’m gonna teach you what those habits are. We are what we repeatedly do. Human beings, we are creatures of habits. You notice that you kinda do the same thing, the same routine, over and over again and again and again?

See, getting rich is not an act, it is a habit. So is staying poor, it’s also not an act, it’s not something that just happens to you, it is a habit. So, let me teach you the three best habits of rich people. The very first habit of rich people and that is they count their money. Poor people don’t count their money, they get a paycheck, they deposit a paycheck, they spend the money. They have no idea what their expenses are, they have no idea how their money flows. You notice, poor people have a job and wait ’til maybe once a year when they file their tax return.

The taxes that are owing is how much of their pay. They look at the numbers, they don’t even look at the numbers. They’re just, “Okay, alright, “that’s how much I need to pay.” File tax return and that’s it. And they look at it maybe once a year! Rich people, we don’t do that. We look at our numbers regularly, we are financially literate. I’m not a numbers person, don’t get me wrong. Okay? I’m a concept guy. Okay, I’m a big picture thinker, I’m a visionary but I am very, very careful and I’m very aware of how my money is flowing. I look at my numbers, I log into my account every single day I will look at my cash flow. I will look at how much cash reserve I have. I sit down with my calendar every single week, look at my financials, every single week.

Looking at my financials across all my companies, how are they doing? Because what gets measured, gets improved. So, habit number one, rich people, we count our money regularly. How often do you count your money? How often do you look at your bank account? Not bitching about it but how often do you look at every single line of expense all your revenue, where it comes from, is it improving? What do you need to work on? What are those key performance indicators? Are you looking at those numbers? So, that’s habit number one.

Habit number two is they pay themselves first. Now, you’ve heard of this before. “Oh yeah, I know.” “Dan, I’ve heard of this before, you gotta pay yourself.” Do you know actually what that means? Paying yourself doesn’t mean buying yourself a car. It doesn’t mean taking that vacation, it doesn’t mean that you go blow money on entertainment. “Oh yeah, I’m paying money to myself.” No, that’s paying everybody else. When you’re buying a car, you’re paying the automotive company. When you’re buying a house, you are paying the bank. When you are traveling, you are paying the travel agency, you’re paying the hotel, you’re paying the airplane company. Paying yourself meaning that you put your money aside and you invest your money.

Now, I’m not talking about being saving, if you know anything about me, you know my work. I’m not talking anything about being saved and being cheap. I’m talking about taking a percentage of your income and putting that aside. Pay yourself first, save it and then you invest it, that’s what I mean by paying yourself. And a lot of people, if you’ve read the book. The Richest Man in Babylon, it talks about that you should save 10% of your money and pay yourself 10%, I’m telling you nowadays, with what’s happening with the hike. With what’s happening in the world, every fucking thing is more expensive. If you wanna get rich, paying yourself 10% is way, way, way, way not enough.

You should, at the very minimum I don’t care where you are, start off with 10%. I don’t care if you’re making $30000 a year, you pay yourself 10% of it. $40000, $50000, $60000, you pay yourself 10% and as your income increases, I want you to also increase the ratio. So, you should at first 10% then you should aim to save 15%, 20%, 30%, 40% to a point where you are making so much more money. And then now you’re only spending a small percentage of what you earn. That’s your goal, that’s called paying yourself. So, that’s habit number two, pay yourself first.

The habit of rich people number three and that is rich people are constantly improving their earning ability ’cause you might be thinking. “Dan, okay, I wanna pay myself first “but I’m not making enough money. “I’m only making a few thousand a months. “I couldn’t even afford to pay my bills. “How am I gonna pay myself first?” First of all, you’ve gotta have the habit of paying yourself first. If you’re not paying yourself first, even a tiny, small percentage when you’re making $30000, $40000, $50000, $60000, $100000 a year. I guarantee you when you’re making a million. Two million dollars a year, you’re not paying yourself.

It is a habit that I’m talking about. And in order to do that, in order for every single year to be able to pay yourself more and more and more. And put into investments, you need to improve your earning ability. Do you need to find ways of how you can add value to the marketplace? How to add more value to the marketplace So, every single year, your income is going up every year. If you’ve been working in the real world and you have your own business and your income stays flat for the last two, three, five years then shame on you. It means you’re not learning, it means you’re not thinking, it means you’re not growing.

Every single year, your income, you have to strive to improve that, your earning ability. And rich people will always constantly be looking for ways to improve our earning ability. But also looking for ways to add leverage, to apply leverage into what we do. Maybe it’s through relationships, maybe it’s apply leverage through learning. So, I have more ideas and more strategies. I can improve what I do. Maybe it’s through better people that bring on better people to my team so we can perform at a higher level. Right? Maybe it’s through marketing. How could I get my message out there? How can I have people know what I have to offer? We’re always constantly looking for leverage.

So, those are the habits, the three best habits of rich people. Understand this, I’m gonna leave you with a quote. “You do not decide your future. “You decide your habits and your habits decide your future.” So, click the subscribe button below. Let me know what habits you have, that you want to get rid of, that are holding you back. Some poor people habits, how do you get rid of them? And what are some of the new habits of the rich that you are going to develop? And also comment below, let me know how this video has helped you. If you’ve been watching my work for sometime now, let me know. And also check on my videos on this side as well. Go ahead, watch those videos right now. Until next time, I’ll see you, my family.


What’s the one thing that rich people buy that the poor and middle class don’t?

So you see it on Instagram, you see it on Facebook and sometimes you’ll see it on YouTube, that you see that rich person they have these nice watches. And they have, and they drive the Lamborghini, the Ferrari, you know, the Bentley. They stay in luxurious hotels. They have huge houses. And all these things that they buy. And that’s what people see rich people that’s what they have. But that’s not actually what got them there, right? So what do they actually buy? Rich people, one thing that they buy is, they buy assets that the poor and the middle class don’t. Now, what are assets?

I’m talking about income producing assets. Assets that appreciate. Assets that will make them money. So example, it could be a piece of real estate. It could be an apartment building. It could be a company. It could be stock. Any assets, investments that would put money in their pocket versus poor and middle class. What do they buy? They buy liabilities. If you study a little bit about what Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad, you know that the definition of assets. It’s assets is things that put money in your pocket. And most middle class they buy liabilities, such as their home, their primary residence. That they think is asset. Which is not because the asset is supposed to make you money while you sleep.

Versus liabilities is to eat you, it takes away money from you while you sleep. And you look at poor, middle class, you look at their financial statements. Very often they have very little or no assets, zero assets and they have a lot of liabilities, their home, their car, and all that stuff. But they have very little assets. So rich people, they buy assets first. Then the assets buys our luxuries. Versus the other way around. I’ll give you a perfect example, so instead of asking yourself, saying to yourself, “Oh I can’t afford that, it’s too expensive.”

Rich people, that’s not how we think. That’s a very low level poor person mentality. “I can’t afford it.” Right? Rich people, we ask the question, not only how could I afford it. But how can I make this make me money? How can I make this make me money? So instead of thinking, let’s say for, this car, so I could have just buy this Bentley any time.

But I waited for a period of time because I set a goal and said, “OK instead of just buying “a liability. I need to buy the asset first. “So I need to buy an asset “that will throw off enough cash flow.” In my case a piece of real estate, “enough cash flow, that I know that would cover “my monthly payment of my Bentley.” Right? So instead of me just buying a Bentley which then I have to pay from myself from my own pocket.

I say, “OK let me go through a step, “let me buy the asset, that one thing. “Buy the asset first, “when the asset throws enough cash flow “that pays for my luxuries.” That pays for the car that we’re filming in. So even though when this car, I’m a change two-three years, when this car. When I no longer drive it, when I sell it, whatever it is. Guess what? I still have the asset that’s working for me. That’s the difference. We buy, rich people, we buy nice things. We buy the nicest things. The difference is we don’t want to use our own money.

We buy the assets first, we invest first, we buy the investments first, then we buy liabilities. The definition of rich people, the rich is simple. Rich people we are entrepreneurs who invest. I’ll say that again. We are the entrepreneurs who invest. Verus, even if you’re a business owner, instead of just buying stuff for your business. Make the money from your business first, right? And then you can put into investments. If you watch my world triangle videos, you know I talk about the three stages, right? If you have not watched them, click on the I button, just watch them first and you know what I’m talking about. So high income skills and then on top of your scalable business and on top of your high return investments. So rich people we are entrepreneurs who invest.

So that’s the one thing that rich people buy that the poor and middle class do not. Let me give you one more tip. There’s one thing, that we also buy, that the poor and middle class do not. And that is, rich people buy time, poor people sell time. Rich people buy time, poor people sell time. The thing about people who are struggling financially or employees they sell their time. They get paid based on their time. How many hours I get. How many hours I work, how much do I get paid per hour? Or how much do I get paid per month or bi-weekly that’s how most people think.

Rich people we don’t do that, we buy time. We buy time because time is the one thing that you can not replace. This second that you’re watching my video, that second is gone. That minute you’re watching this video, that minute’s gone. You can’t replace it, I can’t replace it. I cannot replace it. The customer is replaceable. Money is replaceable. Time is not. I cannot create, manufacture more time. Money I can always make more money. If I have the time. If I run out of time I cannot do that. That’s why time to rich people is a most valuable commodity. That’s why I fucking hate it when people waste my time. It’s worse than from me. It’s worse than stealing money from me.

Because money, I can always make it back. The minute that I waste, I cannot get it back. And if I use the time wisely, I could use it to make a lot of money. So the reason we buy time, we buy talents, we buy people that can help us, we buy people that can save us time. So that’s why the two hours that you spend you know about cleaning your home or doing all the stuff, your lawn. You know, a quick story, one time I was visiting a pretty successful CEO, the company’s probably doing $20, $30 million a year. And I visit his office and I went to his office and I couldn’t believe it.

The minute I got there he was moving the lawns in front of his office. I’m like what the fuck was that? Right? Right there it tells me, my god, this CEO does not value his time. The two hours he spent mowing the lawns, he couldn’t have found better things to do? He couldn’t have found better ways to invest his time? He couldn’t have found a better way to utilize his talents? He’s mowing the fucking lawn, seriously, right? It makes no sense. When I talk with him, I was giving him a hard time, right? So rich people, we don’t just think of return on investment.


What is the meaning of return on investment (ROI)

That’s one of the words that you’ve got to learn, ROI. We think in terms of return on investment. Your assets, your liability. But we also think in terms of return on time invested. Return on, ROTI, return on time invested. That I invest this time doing this thing, what’s my return? Right? So I know if I spend two hours watching the movie, that movie then doesn’t just cost me $20, $30, $40. That movie cost me thousands of dollars, if not tens of thousands of dollars. Then I know that when I watch a movie, I have to ask myself, and not that I don’t watch movies.

I love watching movies. But I know also a practice that is not a $40 thing. That cost me tens of thousands of dollars. So then I need to ask myself, “OK, it’s the escape, it’s the experience, is that worth that kind of money?” And I look at and I say, “OK you know what? It is. It is.” If I take the time off and spending with my family that hour costs me money but I’m willing to spend that. Very consciously, versus people who have a concept. I know that I’m investing my time, that’s worth X amount of dollars, with spending, I’m not trying to make money from this hour, two hours, I am spending with them. I am investing at that time. And when you think of it that way, guess what? You’ll be more present.

That’s why every time I watch a movie, rarely I say a movie is so bad. No, it’s OK, at least I can justify a little bit mentally that shit this movie just cost me fucking $20,000 it’s pretty good. Right, it’s $20,000 of my time, right? So joking aside, that’s what it is. You’ve got to think of it that way, how you value your time. So that’s what rich people do, rich people buy time. If you don’t value your time you’re not going to be successful. You have to value your time.

Everything, Bill Gates has appointment, booking, six-minute increment. Six-minute increment in his calendar. That’s a billionaire, right? My mentor has his in 15-minute increments. Now I also have my thing, sometimes 30 sometimes 15-minute increments. How you manage your time, how you invest your time, your most valuable investment that you have. So there you go, that’s what rich people buy, the one thing that they buy that the poor and middle class don’t. Don’t look at just what they have, their fancy car and that’s the thing.

Before we go. Because maybe when you have no money, you’ve been struggling for so long, you have been working hard for so long. And suddenly when you make a little bit of money and all the images that you have about rich people. All the nice things, the nice car, all the things that they have. Suddenly you make a little bit of money, I’m not talking about a lot of money, a little bit of money. And you say I want a fucking, I’ve worked 15, I waited 10 to 20 to 30 years for this. Fuck it, I want that life. And you go spend your money and you think by spending that money that makes you rich. That makes you poor. That doesn’t make you rich.

You only see the surface, you see the result, you see the outcome, you don’t look at the fucking process. Look at how they got rich. They buy the assets first. Before they buy their fancy watch, they buy the investment. The investment makes them money, then they buy the fancy watch. But you don’t want to do that, suddenly you make a little bit of money because you’re so insecure. You gotta big ego, you want to show the world, you want to show your family that you’ve fucking quote-unquote made it. Which you haven’t, you want to look rich versus be rich. You go to buy that watch and you know what? You wear that watch and you thought you fucking made it.

Everybody thought you made it. You did not make it, you just made yourself poorer. That’s not what makes you rich. But if you can have the self-discipline and self-control and say you know what I’m gonna buy the assets first. I’m gonna buy the assets first, once you buy that and the assets you can buy all the fucking luxuries you want. Your assets pay for it. It’s OK, buy the nice things you want. It doesn’t quote-unquote cost you because you’re investments are providing for you. Investments are feeding you. It’s making you money. That’s the difference. So think about that. Don’t just look at, “Oh I want the nice things.”

The nice thing is the result that’s the next step. First, you gotta build a portfolio, I didn’t have nice things for the first 10 years of my life. It’s only now I quote-unquote after all these years. OK, now I have people say, “Oh Dan, you’ve got the.” I didn’t have the over-night. I was driving, you know, Mazda for a number of years. And Audi, not that Audi’s a bad company, it’s OK but it’s not a Bentley.

For a number of years. Only recently, now I’m enjoying life. And people look at they look at where you are today but they don’t look at where you came from. Comment below, share with me what’s one thing that you think poor and middle-class boy. I’m curious to hear your thoughts. The people that you see, the poor and middle class buy. Share with us, share it with me. Also, give me a thumbs-up as well.

Subscribe to my channel, turn on notification, we upload a new video every single day on business. On relationship, also on martial arts. That’s what my channel’s about, it’s my life it’s what I do, just like this, going to downtown. Getting stuck in traffic and answer your questions, that’s a good return on time invested. Even in the car and stuck in traffic, I’m making a video for you, right? That’s how you utilize your time that’s how you’re being smart with your time. Check out my other Boss in the Bentley video, right there. We have a lot of videos you can check out. A lot of interesting questions, a lot of interesting insights. Until next time, I’ll see you in my Bentley.


How to start with no money?

That’s probably one of the most common questions I get from YouTube. That Dan how do I start with no money? How do I get started when I am in high school? How do I get started when I’m in my 20’s. Or what should I do, I have limited resources? When you have no money, how do you get started? Very simple, you get a job. Get a job. You need some money coming in to do anything. You wanna improve your skills? You wanna buy that book? You wanna get an education? You need money.

Even to survive, just to eat, you need money. You can’t just wait around and watch a video and bitch and complain and say oh what should I do? Do something, get a fucking job. I don’t care what job it is, just to get some money coming in. A little bit of money, nothing wrong with that. I was working in a supermarket, making minimum wage. Washing fucking, like cleaning toilets and stacking cans on the shelves. I went through that period of time, what’s wrong with that? You cannot just say oh I got so much pride, I’m gonna be a businessman. Get a job. You can’t even get a job to forget being an entrepreneur.

Do that first. Then, in your spare time, a side hustle. On the side, then you can start something on the side. Now, if you have not watched my other videos on high-income skills. Make sure you watch that. In that video, I talk about the importance of high-income skills. Now, what is a high-income skill? I define a high-income skill is a skill that can make you $10,000 or more per month. It is not a business, it is a skill set that you can develop. That you can sell, you can offer to the marketplace in exchange for money. You are trading hours for dollars, however, you’re trading hours for high dollars. And I give you plenty of examples in that video, so I’m not gonna go into that here.

You can go here to watch that. So, in your spare time. You’re working your day job, whatever it is that you do. Nighttime, you develop your high-income skill. You start earning and earning more money. When your high-income skill. Let’s say you’re making $2K a month from your job, $2K a month. And, in your spare time, you’re learning and developing a high-income skill. Whatever it is, the skill that you choose to develop. Then as your high-income skills producing making you more money. It could be $2,000, $3,000, $4,000. Then, you can quit your job, and now just pursue this full time.

Get it up to the $5, $6, $10, $15K a month. From there, you’re making money, you’re paying the bills. You are eating, it’s a good idea to eat. You are taking care of your family, you’ve got a roof over your head, you’re making a good living, a decent living. Then from there, if you want to, you can think about if you wanna start a business. What is it, other options that you can pursue? But, you need to get to that point first. The problem is, with you guys, watching videos on YouTube.

You see all these people talking about business. You want to get to this point overnight. Or you want to get to this point without going through these steps. It doesn’t fucking work and this paralyzes you. Because from where you are to where you wanna go. You’re making fucking no money, you wanna buy a Rolls Royce. Give me a break, who the fuck are you? You need to go from here. Just get a job. Let’s just go from here to here. Get a job making a $1,000, $2,000 a month. From there, side hustle. High income skill, go to $2,000, $3,000, $4,000, $5,000, $10,000. Get to that $100K a year, $200K a year.

Now you are at a different place. From there, you start your business. You grow, your market, your sale. Then from there, you scale with your team. You get closer and closer. And then you do invest. Now you invest, you have your money work for you. Don’t ask questions at this level, when you’re at this level. Ask questions at this level, and go through this first. The problem is, with social media, that you don’t know how to filter. You don’t know how to think independently, and you don’t know what is the right advice for you at this given time for you.

And that’s why you’re confused. That’s why you’re because everybody’s saying different things and you don’t know okay what’s the right thing for me? What is the right thing for you is from here. If this is where you’re starting or if you’re here then take the advice from this. And then utilize exactly what I’m teaching you. Go to that next level, and the next level, and then eventually. If you’re fucking good, and you’re persistent you’ll get to here someday. But you’re not gonna get there overnight.

So, don’t daydream about oh people on Instagram. They are driving this car, they go on their vacation, they’re living in their big mansion or whatever. And you’re making like nothing. Don’t do that, don’t do that. Start with here, get that fucking job. A baby step, as long as you’re getting closer. Every single month, every single year, you’re getting closer to your goal, you’re doing fucking good. Does that make sense? Comment below.

It’s the best because there’s an invested interest. Or even a subscription model. Have them pay on a monthly basis, which is, I love that model, paid events, subscription. All of those ways you can your customer funds your business. And you get that going first. And you prove your model. Once you have a proven model, then you can take it to the dolphins or even the fish. They say you know what, I’ve got a good thing going on. I’ve done as much as I could with my ability. I’ve got it to this point. But now I’ve got the proven thing, I want to scale.

Now when you talk to the sharks, when you talk to the dolphins. They’re more likely to listen to you and say, hey, you know what, hmmm. You’ve got a good thing going on. You’ve already got revenue, they love to see, before they even make the damn thing, you’re making money. Before you even do anything, you’ve got reoccurring coming in every single month. Hey, this guy, not so bad after all. Maybe he’s a decent business, maybe he’s got half a brain. Maybe let’s bet on this guy.

That’s what I’m talking about, that how you. It’s never about the money. Money goes to the people who don’t need it. Money goes to the people who know how to multiply. It is not a lack of money, it’s lack of, it’s you, it’s you lacking the ability to attract money. I’ll say that again, it’s not about a lack of money. There’s so much money out there. Banks, investors, they are flooded with cash, they want to put their money out there. Because every single bit of money that’s sitting in a bank, they’re not putting to work, it’s costing them money.

They want to invest in good deals and good business. But the problem is they’re so few of them out there. There’re so few of them out there. When you approach them when you have the right mindset, the right skill. They would fund your deal. Your customers would fund your deal. This just makes sense, comment below. So don’t be telling me, I don’t have the money to expand my business, I don’t have the money to start a business, because you’re a lousy business person, that’s why, so think about that.


Get money to start your business career

Almost every day, I get a private message on Facebook, e-mail, or Instagram DM. Someone asked me, like no joke, Dan, can you lend me $5,000? Dan, can you loan me $10,000? I’m gonna pay you back. I need to start this business. Or, you know, can you, it’s almost sometimes a handout. Now here’s the thing: Just because someone is successful, they are not obligated to help you if you don’t even fucking help yourself. By just looking at the request, I know the level that you are at.

First of all, clearly, you have not studied my work. Maybe you saw one post of mine then you submit a request, Dan give me some money. Here’s the thing, if you study my work, you know I’m all about adding value before you ask anything in return. So it shows me you have not studied any of my work, no wonder you’re fucking broke. Second is, you don’t approach a successful people asking for something. You approach a successful person adding value, giving them something first before you ask anything in return. And third is if you have no money, just think about if I’m betting on horse-racing.

You as a jockey, as a businessman, you suck. Because you are never have done this before. The horse, your business, your idea, probably sucks too. If I was to bet on a horse, why would I bet on you when I am getting approached by winning. Award-winning jockey with a track record, with a kick-ass horse, and I turn down 99% of those opportunities. Then why I don’t even know you. Why would I give you money? So its your fault.

So let me give you some strategies, actually, four ways that you can find money to fund your business, okay? Number one, you can find money, the first group of people to go to is what I call sharks. Yes, sharks, they are the people on Shark Tank. They are the venture capitalists in the world. They are professional investors in the world. Chances are, maybe many years ago, they started just like you, like me. They were businessman and now they’re made of money. They have a pool of money, and they’re looking for wise, smart investments, experienced entrepreneurs to invest in. So they’re sharks. Now there’s a reason why they’re called sharks.

Chances are they want to make more money. They want to put their capital to work. And they only usually invest in investments. They bet on prove award-winning horses or jockeys. They don’t best on the idea, they don’t bet on pie-in-the-sky kind of bullshit. And that’s why you see on these shows, that people say, I’ve got this widget, I’ve got this idea, I’m very passionate, so what? You have an idea of how to win the race. You don’t know, you have no business skills. You have no business acumen. The fact that you have none is the fact that you need five, 10,000 to grow in business.

Believe it or not, that tells people a lot. So, sharks, when you’re dealing with sharks, knowing that probably, you could get money from them. Even if you could manage to convince them. However, you will need to be prepared to give a good chunk of the company. Because they’re risking their money on you. And usually, sharks also have, chances are they have a lot of experience in the business. They may ask for a big piece of your business. So sharks, dealing with sharks.

Second, and chances are if you’re watching this video. 99.9% of the people watching this video, you’re not gonna get money from the capital, you’re just not there yet. Number two, it’s what I call dolphins. So the dolphins, they are the financial institutions, they are the banks. They are the credit union, they are institutions where you can borrow money. And banks, you can say banks, the problem with banks is you go to the bank and remember I was trying to, many many years ago, even trying to get a line of credit for $2,000. $2,000, a line of credit! They wouldn’t give it to me.

They just wouldn’t give it to me. And now, my bank is calling me all the time, hey Dan, do you need money. I can loan you some money. Do you need a mortgage? Do you need more lines of credit, another credit card? Do you need more financing for your deal? I said I don’t need money. No, but you might, if you need, let me give you a call. Here’s how usually banks work. They loan you money when you don’t need it. That’s right, the loan you money, dolphins, they loan you money when you don’t need it. They don’t loan you money when you need it. They don’t loan you money when things go into shit. They don’t do that, because again, bankers, dolphins, they are very conservative.

Now although you may think dolphins are kinda nice animals. And they’re kinda nice, but don’t be fooled by that, okay? Dolphins can also bite your head off. Their teeth are just as sharp as a shark. So don’t be like, I’m dealing with dolphins, they’re nice. No, they are, they make their money, dolphins, on the interest, right, the money they loan you. They’re a money lending business.

They want to protect investments, no different. So time and place, there’s a time and place for dolphins. And chances are, maybe, if you’re starting from scratch, you’re starting, you are, this is your first couple businesses, you don’t have a track record, very difficult for you to borrow money from dolphins. The third is what I call fish. Fish is your family and friends. Right, your relatives, your brothers, your sisters, your mum, and dad. Your vendors, your suppliers, chances are, not to put you down, those are the people who are dumb enough to loan you money. They will be dumb enough and say, hey, you know what, you’re a good guy, you’re a good girl, you’re hard-working, I believe in you. Knowing that you’re probably gonna lose it, but you know what, I’m betting on you because of the relationship.

Not because of your track record, not because you’re skilled, but because of relationships. You know what, here’s $5,000, here’s $10,000, I would invest in you. Chances are, I remember I borrowed money from my uncle to start my business. I lost all his money, he was a fish, right? So I’ve done all of that, but the best way to find money to fund your business. That I believe, that I’ve used my entire career is you get the money from your customers. You get the money from your customers. How do you get some money? You go out and you sell some shit. You get some sales, it is the easiest way to get it. You don’t come to me and say, hey Dan, give me ten grand, good luck.


Most businessmen are far too focused on trying to manage their businesses better

So how to think like an unconventional millionaire. Question number one, why is thinking important? Who can tell me? Why is thinking important? Mindset is 80% of it, 20% mechanics. Okay, 80% mindset, 20% mechanics, yes. Business is an intellectual sport. Business intellectual sport, yes. It’s where your emotions come from. It’s where Your emotions come from. If this is the first time you’re joining us, what I always do, I’m highly interactive, I hate, I fucking hate lecture. Okay, when I was going to school, when the professor was lecturing me, I was falling asleep. I don’t wanna do that, so you can see the mic there.

Any time you have a question, any time you have a what? Question. Stop me, go to the mic, I’ll answer it, highly interactive. We’re gonna dive quite deep this evening. I’ve been wanting to do this talk, do this piece, this training, for some time now, probably six, seven months. I’ve been thinking about it, thinking about it, and I wasn’t sure the right timing. I think, you know, this month is a good time, but I think what I’m about to share with you might contradict some of your beliefs. Some of the things you might not agree with, and that’s completely fine, is that okay. Yeah, it’s okay. And so I want you to know that you could cafeteria this.

You could cafeteria this, you don’t have to take all the hundred percent. You could say, you know what, I kinda don’t, Dan, I don’t agree with you that 30%, but I like the 70%. Can you just take that an implement, yes?  Yes. – Yeah, so it’s completely fine. So just know you have the luxury of catering to this. How many of you agree that millionaires, we think differently from the poor and the middle class. Yes. So part of my job today is to help you understand the distinction and start making some new, powerful decisions. And, what we’re gonna cover today is not so much the woo-woo, foo-foo, tree-hugging, law of attraction crap, okay, I’m not gonna cover that. And I’m not gonna cover spiritual laws of success and things like that.

Nothing wrong with that. You know, some of that I buy into, but that’s not what tonight is about. So here’s what you can expect. You know, why I always talk about the specialty I’m known for, breakthrough business strategies, that’s not what we will talk about today, okay. I’ve been able to achieve millionaire status by the age of 27, multi-millionaire status by the age of 30, I’m 34 right now. I started from nothing, nothing, not knowing anybody, no contacts, with no personal or family resources. My family didn’t come from money. No backing and no formal education. I’m a college dropout. So this is the first time ever that I will discuss my personal philosophies, business practices. What has helped me achieve the success that I have today? And, this also answers the questions a lot of people ask me.

How I do what I do, what I do, and why I do them. So this workshop kind of answers those questions, does that make sense? Yes. – It answers those questions. People want to know, who do you work. And how do you think about certain things, so this is designed to answer that. So the sort of real success information that you don’t get from other places. I am not here to motivate you. In fact, who can motivate you?  You. – Yeah, nobody can motivate you. Only you can motivate you. If anything, I’m here to give you the reality that you want to think twice if this millionaire thing is what you want or not. ‘Cause it ain’t for everybody, absolutely not. If it is for everybody, everybody would be a millionaire.

Okay, it’s not for everybody. So warning, just so if you’ve never been to my talk, anything like that, so this might get a little dicey for you. If you’re offended by grownup talk, frank language, occasional or frequent, either way. So no pie in the sky, what I call woo-woo teachers who promise you. Just think hard enough and want it bad enough. The universe will manifest it for you. Okay, it’s very much like if you want to lose weight and be fit and have a six-pack ab. You can sit there and you can just hope and think positive. And yes, I see myself having a six-pack ab. Big Mac, by the way. Yes, um, I’m skinny, and I look so good. No, you’re fat, okay.

That’s not how it works, that’s not how it works, okay. So we’re not gonna talk about that. Here’s the statistics. Take any hundred people at the start of their working careers. Follow them for 40 years. How long? – 40 years. – 40 years. Until they reach the retirement age, here’s what you’ll find. Only one, how many? One. Will be wealthy, one. Four will be financially secure. Five will continue working, or actually five, 50 something, something is missing. Not because they want to, because they have to. 36 will be dead and 54 will be dead broke, depending on their relatives, friends, government, or even charity for a minimum standard of living. That means only 5% are successful and 95% are not.

Some people say it’s 97% and 3%. Some people say it’s 1% and 99%, either way, is that a small percentage, yes or no? Yes. A very small percentage. So the hint is, whatever you observe that what the majority of the people do and how they operate and how they think if you adapt the way they think and behave, what are you gonna get? Same result. Same stuff.  So one thing you could get out of this. If nothing else is, look at what other people are doing and then you do the Opposite. – Opposite. Easier said than done. Easier said than done, okay. Success, at the end of days, is not about this positive thinking and visualize and manifestation.

Success ultimately, fundamentally, it’s about behavior. What’s the key? Behavior, okay. Not attitude, not your upbringing, not your education, not your skill, not luck, not even your capital. You could get all those things. If a person behaves in a way, behaves in a way that is congruent, what’s the word?  With the goals she’s trying to achieve, she can not achieve them. If you’re behaving in a way that’s incongruent with your goals, you cannot achieve them. Just like, if I wanna lose weight, yet I go to McDonald’s three times a day, am I gonna lose weight? No.

If I drink one liter of soda every day, am I gonna lose weight? No, in spite of how bad I want it. Because my behavior is not congruent with where I wanna go. Am I making sense?  Yes. – Okay. So Lookism, most businessmen are far too focused on trying to manage their businesses better rather than managing themselves better. Write this down. Most businessmen are far too focused on trying to manage their businesses better rather than managing themselves better.

What I always like to do is I manage myself. I want to be better, myself. I want to become a more effective leader, I want to become a better marketer. I want to become a better strategist. If I improve, my business what? Improves. – Improves. I focus on managing me because that’s the only thing I can control, me. 10 times your finances, your business, your marketing, your life. Hit the subscribe button now.


Wealth Principle Number One

If you believe that each dollar that you have came to you at someone else’s expense. You gain another person’s loss, that keeps your wealth attraction power turned down. Never to full power. If you believe every dollar that you make someone is losing a dollar. If I make a dollar somebody’s losing, it’s a zero-sum game? Guess what, you don’t want to be a bad person, do you? So then you make sure, subconsciously, you don’t what? You don’t make the money. Never the full power. So as you work harder, but you have this emergency brake on, it’s counter-productive. That’s the bad news.

The good news is if you can release this, you can go forward, everything becomes easier. It is what I call in the flow, in the flow of money. In Chinese, there’s a saying, circling money, it’s not making money. You look at the word, it’s circling, in Chinese saying, money. It’s not creating money, it’s circling money. Yes, Chris? Is that why they call it a currency then because it travels in like. Yeah, yeah, you’re in a flow. Let me give an example. How many of you have a refrigerator at home? Okay, what do you have on your refrigerator? Just, just, huh, pictures, okay yes? Rice. -Huh? Rice.

What else, do you have those fridge magnets? What do you put on there, calendar, what do you have? Nothing. – Nothing, okay cool, nice and clean? Nice, okay good, that’s a good thing, yes? That looks like my fridge. Who said it? Does that look like your fridge? Man, we’ve got some work to do, man, we’ve got some work to do. Do you know people actually put their statements and bills on the fridge? Okay, guess what? Every time you open the fridge, you look at that, what does that attract? More bills and more statements.

Debt, that’s what you look at. Let me give you another example. Your drawers, okay, people put their what? Bills, statements, receipts, be honest, how many of you, your drawer, it’s a mess? It’s okay, yeah, it’s okay, it’s a mess. How many have bills, statements in your drawer? Okay, what else do you have in your drawer? Kitchen drawer, or you know, office, whatever. What else do you have? Bills, receipts Huh? Receipts, crap, what else? What else? folders. Folders, okay, good, you want more folders? Put more folders in your drawer.

What else? Nothing? Files. Files. Socks. Socks, right? Here’s what I have in my drawer. Yeah. Cash. Cash. Every damn time I open the drawer, that’s a lot of cash. It’s what I call, write this down, wealth trigger. I have a lot of wealth triggers in my house. See, I don’t talk about these things. Well, you guys never ask, but I don’t talk about these things. Money. Imagine every time you open a drawer, you see this. How does that make you feel? It’s pretty tough to feel, like, shortage, when you are like, shit, damn.

I try to get a pen, let me put my, like.  Aww, then I put the cashback, right? But sometimes, I notice some of my cash disappears because my wife is like, “Oh I need a hundred bucks.” I don’t even count, who cares, okay? It’s just a piece of cash. So that’s one of the things I have, cash. Statements, all of that, when you get your statement, here’s what I do. When I get my statement, envelope, I pay immediately. I don’t wait, I pay immediately.

Take care of everything and then I put it away in my envelope. Take it to my accountant. Take me five, 10 minutes. I don’t want to spend more than five, 10 minutes of my mind focusing on paying the bills ’cause what happens. You think, oh I’ll pay it next week and I’ll pay the week after. And then I’ll pay just the day before the credit card statement.

What happens, all these things, they stay in the where? You keep thinking about it. And what effort you focus on expands. You keep getting these bills. And they get bigger and you don’t even know why. I can tell you why, ’cause you’re thinking about it 10, 20, 30 times every month! I just want to pay it, it’s an obligation. I gotta pay utility, electricity, done. Five minutes, it’s done, it’s my obligation. Focus on doing something else, creating wealth. Okay, yes? What other triggers do you put around your house? – I’ll show you bit by bit, that’s one of them. So then the two books I recommend by the same author, one is called more, what’s the word? more.

The other one is called Bold, by the same author, Peter Diamandis. Great books. If you have any issues with, oh what’s happening, because sometimes the news is telling you we’re running out of food, right? What’s some of the negativity that the media is telling you? We’ve got what’s happening around the world, tell me. Terrorism. – Terrorism, yes. Killing. – Killing, yes. War. – War, yes. Food shortage, right, global warming, all these things. Oh my God, we’re gonna be running out of food in X amount of years, and people are gonna die, and all these things.

When you read that book, you see, the author has a totally different point of view. That he believes in using technology, will solve all of these problems. Regardless, here is what I am saying, regardless if he is right or not, I don’t care if he’s right or not. I care those are very positive thoughts. Those are good things, those are a good belief system. I want to adapt to put into this computer. That’s a good piece of software. Let’s put that in there. That’s okay, regardless if it happens or not. But I’m very aware and conscious of what I put into my mind. Does that make sense, okay? Your wealth is an addition for you, but it’s subtraction for no one else.

You making a dollar doesn’t mean you take a dollar from somebody else. So take all you can and the universe will always make more. If you truly believe in abundance, make as much money as you can. It is a gift from the universe. It’s not limited, it’s not limited. It is like you’re worried about it. Let’s say you have this vast ocean and you’re worried about if I take a cup of water away from the ocean that the ocean will dry up. You can take as much water as you could. It’s not gonna dry up. It’s just, it’s, not in our lifetime anyway. It’s just a belief that you could have. So Wealth Principle Number One. 10 times your finances, 10 times your business, 10 times your marketing, 10 times your life, Hit the subscribe button now.


If you believe wealth is limited, you view it as a zero-sum game

Millionaire Mindset Wealth Principle. I’m gonna go through, I think, 15 of these. How many? 15 of these, and I’m gonna go through pretty quickly. But I’ll see how much, if you have questions, stop me, and then I’ll answer those. And just to clarify because as I’m sharing these with you. I guarantee you one thing will happen. It makes up your mind. Because it challenges your conventional wisdom. It challenges your existing beliefs. You’ll be like confused. And when you’re confused, it means what?

Yes, it’s a good thing. Confusion is good, it’s a good thing. So, wealth principle number one, think more, not shortage. Think more, repeat after me, actually. Think more, not shortage. Millionaire Mindset Wealth Principle number one. Here’s an interesting video I want to play you guys. Is the mic on? If you’ve seen it, don’t say anything. If you’ve seen it, don’t say anything, okay? Just shut the up, okay? Just right there, is it on? Okay, here we go, where’s my mouse?

We’re here live where people are doing it the old fashioned way, they’re just filling out bubbles here. I wanna turn some of these people around and ask you guys. Sir, can I ask you what your lucky numbers are?  I’m gonna pick 14, 24, two, seven, and 15. Those are your lucky numbers. Can I tell you what, do you know your chances of winning? Slim to none. Slim to none, you’re right, let me tell you, it’s one out of 292 million. What do you think about that? I knew it. – You knew it. Your numbers are lucky though, am I right? I hope so, I hope so.

Can I ask you, if you won all the money, what would you do with it? Bunch of hookers and cocaine. Okay, that’s not good, we were hoping for a different answer. That’s probably not the answer that we’re looking for. Alright. $500 million can make a huge difference in someone’s life, thank you. You know the PowerBall, right? So that billion-dollar jackpot, right? Like three people won and the guy who actually won. Is it on? Yeah, okay. Let’s see, where’s that slide? Okay, here we go.

Powerball jackpot winner dies of a cocaine overdose after partying with hookers. He won an estimated $327 million lump sum. Geez, I could’ve used that money.  It actually happened, and it’s not the same dude. Now possibly, he got the idea from that guy. It’s possible, it is possible. What he means is most people, they actually don’t know how to handle large sums of money. Like in this case, is he lucky or is he not so lucky? He’s dead. Like, dead equals not lucky. He’s dead.

So think in terms of most people don’t know how to handle it. So they don’t know how to make it, they definitely don’t know how to keep it. And also, if you actually look at statistics. Most of the people who win these lotteries and all that stuff end up broke, completely broke. Or worse, in two, three years, in two, three years. It reminds me of a story, and I’m gonna share a story. So one guy, one day he knew he won the lottery.

Millions of dollars, millions of dollars. And he knew he has the ticket and just the day before he would go claim the money. He called up every single friend and every single family and say, “Hey, can I borrow $1,000 from you?” And then they would say, “What’s it for?” “I can’t tell you, but can I just borrow $1,000 from you?” “No, are you into drugs? “What trouble have you gotten yourself into?” So he called everybody, almost nobody gave him money, okay.

The next day, he, you know, claimed the money and the whole newspaper, they eliminated a lot of inbound calls. A lot of inbound calls, okay. So they’re like, “Oh shit, I wish “I had loaned him the $1,000.” Right? What I’m saying is, yes, how do you contain. So if you actually made it yourself you will know what it takes and if you lose it, it really doesn’t matter. You can always make it again, you can always make it again. So that’s why personally I never, never, ever buy lottery. I don’t like the odds. How many of you buy lottery, be honest, it’s okay. Okay, sometimes, okay. It feels like there is no harm to buying a lottery ticket. Oh, you know you might win. Why do you buy lottery tickets? It’s weird, I actually don’t want to win.

Actually don’t want to win? That’s pretty fucked up, man, but anyway. But, yes? I want to earn it. – Yes. I buy with friends. – Buy with. Just blame the friends, right? I like that, I like that. No, but why did you buy it, seriously? I think you are really just paying for the excitement and the hope of winning. – Yeah, the hope of winning. So, it doesn’t do harm, right? Two dollars, three dollars, right, it’s okay? But what that does, see I’m so aware, and I’m very cautious of what I put into my mind. Okay, you want to be more aware. Because from my point of view is if I buy that lottery ticket, the two dollars, the three dollars. everybody has that, but what does that tell my subconscious? I need to, I need the luck to get rich.

Maybe I’m not good enough. Without the lottery ticket, without this opportunity, I’ll never make it. That’s what it means, what’s one telling myself? That’s why I don’t even dare to do that, not one bit, not one small little inner conflict. I don’t even want it. Completely eliminate, never bought one. I never bought one. And to a point now, I look at, quite frankly, 20, 30, 50 million dollars. I look at the lottery, I looked at it, that’s not a lot of money. That’s how I think, that’s not a lot of money. Is that a good belief to have? Yes. I can make it. Yeah, it’s all cash, I can make it, what’s the big deal? I don’t need a lottery ticket. Chris?

I think also it has to do with the mindset as well because of it really kind of gives a person false data as to how I’m going to achieve the money Yes.  You know, based on the extreme. Yes, you’re trying to get it by, well, try to get something for what? Nothing. That’s not based on value. It’s not based on value, I’m telling you, I’m not a person of value, so that one behavior, it equals a lot of things subconsciously. So it doesn’t feel like a big deal.

Oh, I’m just buying with my friends. Or, you know, this and that, or it’s kind of cool the excitement, whatever it is. It tells you, your subconscious mind tells yourself a lot about money, how you view money, how you view wealth, make sense? Be careful, be careful. So if you believe wealth is limited, you view it as a zero-sum game.


Scale and magnitude together create billionaires

Thinking alone never made anybody rich unless their thinking manifests itself into consistent action. What are the two keywords? Consistent action. What are the two keywords? Consistent action. What kind of action? Consistent action. Two-word application of laws that work, that work. Scale creates millionaires, magnitude creates millionaires. What is the scale? Volume. Volume. You want to make millions? Sell millions of something. Magnitude, depth, transaction size. Sell a two million dollar thing, five million dollar thing, 10 million dollar thing. Then you can also be a millionaire.

Scale and magnitude together create billionaires. You retrace the source of millionaire money and you will find millions of something. To make it simple and short, you want to make millions, impact millions. It’s very simple. You’re not making the money that you want? Look at how many people you’re impacting. Just look at the results. If you’re working for a boss, you have a job. You’re impacting that one person, you’re working for that one person, which limits how much value you deliver in a marketplace. Tough to be a millionaire doing that, yes? As a businessman. If you’re providing a service, you’re only working with. Unless you have a lot of magnitudes, charge a lot of money, then it’s tough to be a millionaire.

You think in terms of you sell something, you sell to millions of people. Yes, that’s how you get there. So retrace the source of millionaire money and you’ll find millions of something. Forget the law of attraction, the law of affection. The law of what? Affection. How many people do you affect states the more lives you affect in an entity that you control in scale or in magnitude. The richer you will become. The law of affection. See if you have something that is impacting millions of people.

You could have a negative attitude. You will make millions. Are there people making millions that’s an absolute jerk. Anybody answer question. Are there people making millions they’re the nicest people you have ever met? Money does not care. Money doesn’t have a conscience. It doesn’t have a good one. You’re a bad person, I’m not gonna let you have me. Or you’re a good person, I’m gonna let you have some more. There are some of the nicest, kindest people that I know, completely broke. There are also people who are very, very kind, very nice, very rich. It’s nothing to do with each other, mmkay? Law of affection.

Before I go into that, it takes two minutes. How long?  Two minutes. Discuss the first two principles. The first one, and the second one. Okay? Go. “I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)” by Pitbull Shake their hand and say “thank you for sharing” please. So share with me, just yell out the answer a-ha moments. What it means to you just the first two principles. What it means for you. I guess for me, understanding that money is a circulation- – Circulation. It’s like circulation so it helps with my investment buying. Say the only way I’m going to make money is if I give it, and, yeah, that’s just how I understand it.

Sometimes you think about it with the economy which causes an economic downturn. It’s a lack of- what? A lack of circulation. You hear it from the government. If you want to help the economy from the U.S. You want to help the economy, go out there you- spend. Circulate. Circulate. Now am I saying you don’t want to save any money? No. You gotta go through that stage. When you save enough, you want to invest, you want to multiply, but first you gotta master making it. You’re good at it. Maybe for some of you, it’s difficult to believe. Making it is actually pretty damn easy.

If you’re actually good just take my word, making it once you get how it works. Most of the time, making it is a function of sales and marketing. You’re good at sales and marketing? Money comes. Keeping it and multiplying it is way harder. Way, way harder. Way harder. Earl knows. Go to the mike man, you gotta share your story. Give Earl a round of clapping. Give like a one minute version of it.

What the hell happened. Hi guys, my name is Earl Hi Earl. So, the quick story- if you want the longer version, I’m doing a longer version on the 23rd. I tell the story of how I made a bunch of money so I made a 40 million dollar empire. And then I fucked up and I lost it all. 2008 hit me more than it hit lots of other people. And yeah, now I’m rebuilding stuff. And actually, it’s funny.

One of those things you talked about number three, right, not worthy- it’s funny, I sent you an email. This is almost a year ago, and I was in that stage not feeling, not worthy- right. I mean I made a million bucks, it’s easy to do. Actually the funny thing is, Dan picked me up. He said, you don’t have to hit a certain level to work with me again. It wasn’t a question of worthiness. You’re my friend, I want to help you anyway, let’s do this. And, the funny thing is when I finally decided to get off my ass, 60 days, six figures. Six months, seven figures.

I report back to Dan every week “hey this is what I’m doing” and the first couple updates were sexy. “hey look at this, look at this, look at this” the last couple updates, not sexy but consistent action. Right, but that’s it. You can make it. Making it is stupidly easy. I actually stopped selling and I’m making more sales now than I was when I was selling. So, the sales and marketing function? Yeah, 100 percent. But keeping it is a bitch. I like that quote, “Making it is easy, keeping it is a bitch.” that’s really, you’re writing this down? That’s good. Put that on Facebook. I like that. Tweet that. Ten times your finances, your business and your marketing. Ten times your life. Hit the subscribe button now.