If you’re at the stage of high-income skills, what should you invest in?

You know my bill is taken care of. It’s okay, I’ve got money. Now I can have my business, probably investing all your profit back into the business. See, some people only have a scalable business, they want it to grow. But they also need to eat. So they take the profit out. Pays for the day today, and that slows the growth down. Their not growing as fast as they want, versus my income skills, are how I’m making money. My business, just let it run. Let it grow. Makes sense? So, it very much depends on it. So people ask me, well Dan, what should I invest in? It’s very simple. If you’re at the stage of high-income skills, what should you invest in? Yourself.

You better be fuck that 10% shit, you better be investing 30-40% of your money into upgrading your skills. Maybe, it depends on what you need, maybe it’s personal development. Get your head secure on straight, right? Let’s fix that. What another mindset, what limiting belief, maybe you need to go through that. Go to Tony Robbins, go through that shit, right? Walk on fire, go through that shit. I went through that shit, it’s okay. Once you get through that shit, you have the mindset, and now you know what, I need some skills.

Let me read that book, let me hire the coach, let me go to that workshop, let me do whatever it takes to upgrade my skills. Work on that, a lot. Now when you have a scalable business. When you have a scalable business, what should you invest in? Team, what if you have a business. I can tell you. Very simple. The highest return you get from your business is when you invest in marketing. The best return you’ll get is marketing. What kind of investment you could put in a dollar and if you have a scalable business and it’s converting and it’s working well. Can you come up with two, three, five dollars? Just 2-300% return? It’s criminal in the stock market, but in this business it is common.

You spend a little bit of money, maybe even $500 in marketing you get a 10 grand sale. Is it possible? Yes. It’s that kind of return. So why would you put it into some mutual fund, that getting eight percent? It makes no sense. And who has more control? Do you have more control over your business or some mutual fund? So it very simple, if you have a scalable business state, but most of your money, take your profit, put it into your business. Marketing, hiring better people, teams. Just grow the shit out of it. Just grow. Let it grow, let it rise and at the same time, work on yourself, your skills. That’s why people come to me and say, Oh, I’ve got 10 grand to invest in. What should I do? I say go to a fucking seminar.

Improve your skills. It’s the fact that you’re asking that you don’t know what to do with the 10 grand. Tells me you don’t know what to invest in. And you probably don’t have high income skills. It’s the worst thing you want to do is, oh, I’ll buy this stock. Or it’s not about that. I’m not here to give a stock tip or buy that or what. It doesn’t matter. I’ll go through the level of investors. It’s those investors that don’t know what they’re doing that’s why they jump from one thing to another. Here their doing day trading and they’re doing something else. Yes, Nathan? I know, I’m in 90%. I lost all my money. I know. I think it’s like 90%. Like I said, out of 10? Now even two make money.

All 10 lost money, all right? Because you could. It’s easiest when you have no skill, that growth is incredible. When you have no skill, you learn a good skill, let’s say you are. How many of you are in sales? Every fucking hand should go up. How many of you are in sales? Okay, we’re all in sales. Let’s say you’re closing 10% in one out of 10. You learn some sales techniques, you get some sales training and suddenly you’re closing two out of ten. You sell 10%, you close 20%. You just doubled your income. How good is that? It might take you an hour, it might take you to just watch one video. It might take you one day, who knows? But is that a good return? Yes.

You cannot get that kind of return from any other investment. That’s why you keep learning, it’s like people. I’m amazed that people will spend the money on the big TV. I love my TV, don’t get me wrong. They spend stuff on that and yet, Oh, yeah, I gotta go to this workshop. I spent a thousand bucks and oh, I don’t have the money. It’s unbelievable. Yes? Can I make a comment? – Please. So I love what you said about you can grow from high-income skills to merge your investment and still be. Because in my line of work I see, like CEOs or founders they try to build a scalable business. But they’re actually not meant to do that because they don’t have the leadership skills. And so, I really like that. It’s the first time I ever heard of it.

I always thought you had to get a business. You had to do the five-figure, six figures five-figure income or six figures and then scale it. And then you invest, you make a stair step? But not everyone is meant to be a business owner, I realize. You don’t have to be a big business owner to do well. Like what happens is, we see these people in magazines, right? And read the article and oh, that guy sold his company for 50 million dollars, that guy sold his company for 100 million dollars.

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