If you believe wealth is limited, you view it as a zero-sum game

Millionaire Mindset Wealth Principle. I’m gonna go through, I think, 15 of these. How many? 15 of these, and I’m gonna go through pretty quickly. But I’ll see how much, if you have questions, stop me, and then I’ll answer those. And just to clarify because as I’m sharing these with you. I guarantee you one thing will happen. It makes up your mind. Because it challenges your conventional wisdom. It challenges your existing beliefs. You’ll be like confused. And when you’re confused, it means what?

Yes, it’s a good thing. Confusion is good, it’s a good thing. So, wealth principle number one, think more, not shortage. Think more, repeat after me, actually. Think more, not shortage. Millionaire Mindset Wealth Principle number one. Here’s an interesting video I want to play you guys. Is the mic on? If you’ve seen it, don’t say anything. If you’ve seen it, don’t say anything, okay? Just shut the up, okay? Just right there, is it on? Okay, here we go, where’s my mouse?

We’re here live where people are doing it the old fashioned way, they’re just filling out bubbles here. I wanna turn some of these people around and ask you guys. Sir, can I ask you what your lucky numbers are?  I’m gonna pick 14, 24, two, seven, and 15. Those are your lucky numbers. Can I tell you what, do you know your chances of winning? Slim to none. Slim to none, you’re right, let me tell you, it’s one out of 292 million. What do you think about that? I knew it. – You knew it. Your numbers are lucky though, am I right? I hope so, I hope so.

Can I ask you, if you won all the money, what would you do with it? Bunch of hookers and cocaine. Okay, that’s not good, we were hoping for a different answer. That’s probably not the answer that we’re looking for. Alright. $500 million can make a huge difference in someone’s life, thank you. You know the PowerBall, right? So that billion-dollar jackpot, right? Like three people won and the guy who actually won. Is it on? Yeah, okay. Let’s see, where’s that slide? Okay, here we go.

Powerball jackpot winner dies of a cocaine overdose after partying with hookers. He won an estimated $327 million lump sum. Geez, I could’ve used that money.  It actually happened, and it’s not the same dude. Now possibly, he got the idea from that guy. It’s possible, it is possible. What he means is most people, they actually don’t know how to handle large sums of money. Like in this case, is he lucky or is he not so lucky? He’s dead. Like, dead equals not lucky. He’s dead.

So think in terms of most people don’t know how to handle it. So they don’t know how to make it, they definitely don’t know how to keep it. And also, if you actually look at statistics. Most of the people who win these lotteries and all that stuff end up broke, completely broke. Or worse, in two, three years, in two, three years. It reminds me of a story, and I’m gonna share a story. So one guy, one day he knew he won the lottery.

Millions of dollars, millions of dollars. And he knew he has the ticket and just the day before he would go claim the money. He called up every single friend and every single family and say, “Hey, can I borrow $1,000 from you?” And then they would say, “What’s it for?” “I can’t tell you, but can I just borrow $1,000 from you?” “No, are you into drugs? “What trouble have you gotten yourself into?” So he called everybody, almost nobody gave him money, okay.

The next day, he, you know, claimed the money and the whole newspaper, they eliminated a lot of inbound calls. A lot of inbound calls, okay. So they’re like, “Oh shit, I wish “I had loaned him the $1,000.” Right? What I’m saying is, yes, how do you contain. So if you actually made it yourself you will know what it takes and if you lose it, it really doesn’t matter. You can always make it again, you can always make it again. So that’s why personally I never, never, ever buy lottery. I don’t like the odds. How many of you buy lottery, be honest, it’s okay. Okay, sometimes, okay. It feels like there is no harm to buying a lottery ticket. Oh, you know you might win. Why do you buy lottery tickets? It’s weird, I actually don’t want to win.

Actually don’t want to win? That’s pretty fucked up, man, but anyway. But, yes? I want to earn it. – Yes. I buy with friends. – Buy with. Just blame the friends, right? I like that, I like that. No, but why did you buy it, seriously? I think you are really just paying for the excitement and the hope of winning. – Yeah, the hope of winning. So, it doesn’t do harm, right? Two dollars, three dollars, right, it’s okay? But what that does, see I’m so aware, and I’m very cautious of what I put into my mind. Okay, you want to be more aware. Because from my point of view is if I buy that lottery ticket, the two dollars, the three dollars. everybody has that, but what does that tell my subconscious? I need to, I need the luck to get rich.

Maybe I’m not good enough. Without the lottery ticket, without this opportunity, I’ll never make it. That’s what it means, what’s one telling myself? That’s why I don’t even dare to do that, not one bit, not one small little inner conflict. I don’t even want it. Completely eliminate, never bought one. I never bought one. And to a point now, I look at, quite frankly, 20, 30, 50 million dollars. I look at the lottery, I looked at it, that’s not a lot of money. That’s how I think, that’s not a lot of money. Is that a good belief to have? Yes. I can make it. Yeah, it’s all cash, I can make it, what’s the big deal? I don’t need a lottery ticket. Chris?

I think also it has to do with the mindset as well because of it really kind of gives a person false data as to how I’m going to achieve the money Yes.  You know, based on the extreme. Yes, you’re trying to get it by, well, try to get something for what? Nothing. That’s not based on value. It’s not based on value, I’m telling you, I’m not a person of value, so that one behavior, it equals a lot of things subconsciously. So it doesn’t feel like a big deal.

Oh, I’m just buying with my friends. Or, you know, this and that, or it’s kind of cool the excitement, whatever it is. It tells you, your subconscious mind tells yourself a lot about money, how you view money, how you view wealth, make sense? Be careful, be careful. So if you believe wealth is limited, you view it as a zero-sum game.

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