How to face a major life or business problem

So who is this training for tonight? This is for anyone makes a living from their expertise, knowledge, or wisdom. Coaches, consultants, advisors, therapists, infopreneurs, professional service providers. I think that includes almost everyone here. Anyone that’s not in this category? The king of high-ticket sales. World’s highest-paid consultant. Media celebrity. Multi-millionaire entrepreneur. Acclaimed TEDx speaker. International best selling author. Dan Lok.

If you use your knowledge to solve a major, here’s a keyword, what’s the keyword? Major. – Major, life or business problem, this is for you. If you help people, just do like little things, like fix little things, this doesn’t work. It has to be a major life or business problem. And you must be outstanding at what you do. You must be what? Outstanding. At what you do. It means your services or insights really work when applied. It means if your client chooses to do business with you. They follow your advice, they follow what you say, and they do what you ask them to do.

Your staff needs to work. You have to be very, very good at what you do. I am world-class at what I do. I’m one of the best in the world at what I do. You have to look at yourself in the mirror, and say, am I the best in the world at what I do? Not just good. Am I the best in the world at what I do? Because if you truly are very, very good at what you do, I don’t want to sound, but people say that then the world would beat a path to your door, is true. Because most people out there are not very good at what they do. Yes?

Look at your people, your friends, your colleagues, your competitors, they’re not very good at what they do. Mediocre. Average. It takes, not a lot of work to go from bad to average. It takes a lot of work to go from average to good. And it takes a tremendous effort to go from good to outstanding. You think of the Olympics, gold medal and silver, tiny, tiny difference. There is not like, a big difference. It’s like a little difference. You’re talking about swimming, we’re talking like, sometimes a second difference. That’s what I’m talking about. That dedication to being good, continue improving yourself at what you do. It has to start with that. You want to charge a lot of money, you have to deliver a lot of value. Let’s start with that, okay? Does that make sense?

Hello? Yes. – Now does this sound like you? Do you start out every month wondering where the next client or deal is going to come from? Anybody? Okay, good. Do you give your service away for free too often? Anybody? Good. Do you feel your clients don’t pay you anywhere near what your work is worth? Anybody? Good. Do you feel a little selfish or guilty about the idea of charging a lot of money? Be honest. Good. Look around, not just you. Do you feel other people in your business making the kind of income you want to make? And you know deep down they don’t deliver as much as you. But you just have no idea how they are doing it.

Are you tired of facing new clients, trading time for money? Anybody? Good. Or maybe you have too many clients and feel impressed with the amount of time you have to work. You are not. You are not alone. It’s a very, very common problem. It’s a very common problem. Would you like to fix it? Yes.  Would you like to fix it tonight? Yes.  Yeah, we’re gonna fix it tonight. The average consultant and coach make less than $20K a year. $20K a year. And only coaches parttime. Why do you think they coach parttime? ‘Cause they’re not making enough money.

Most coaches and consultants are only parttime not because they don’t want to help more people. But because they can’t make a full-time living. Like they have a job, and then they do this thing, coaching, consulting thing on the side. Because they cannot make a full-time living doing it. They want to. They would love to do that, but they can’t. And their income can fluctuate wildly from month to month. How many of you, sometimes you have a great month, and then suddenly sometimes, next month is like shit. You all had that right? And sometimes you have a few months, you question yourself, well shit, should I keep doing this? And then suddenly you have a great month, right? All the time.

Very normal. Very, very normal. And here’s a very common question I get from people. Dan, I’ve got great engagement with my audience. I have a lot of followers. How many have some followers on social media? Right? I have a lot of followers. I even talk to some prospects on the phone, why am I not getting people who like me to pay me? Why am I not getting people who like me to pay me? Why do you think that is? Just, for those of you have followers. Too romantic. Too romantic? What does that mean? Like sleeping with clients? Like, what the hell’s going on? What was it? Too romantic? Love them too much to ask them for money. Love them too much, that you don’t ask them for money? Okay.

Seeker Syndrome. Okay, okay, seeker syndrome, okay. Nathan. Just because they follow you doesn’t mean they’re your ideal client. Just because they follow you doesn’t make them an ideal client. Very nice, I like that. Yes? Do you think, first they have to know you, and then they like you, and then they trust you. People do business with people who like, and they trust and they respect, yes. Of course, yes. I was gonna say, most people don’t ask. They just don’t ask for the sale. They don’t ask for the sale, very nice. You’re not delivering any value.  You’re not delivering value, or they don’t see the value. They don’t know exactly what you do. I’m gonna teach you how to articulate your value tonight. Yes.

Posture, positioning, that’s also part of it. No more offer. – No more offer. So they like you, they kind of you, but the don’t know exactly how you’re gonna solve my problem. So that’s unclear. Very good. All those are very, very common problems. So, what have you learned from my talk, and how does it apply to you. And how do you take direct action? Comment below, and let me know. If you have any other questions, you can also comment below. And don’t forget, click on the subscribe button. Turn on the notification, and hit the bell. So every single time I upload the new video, you will get notified. If you want to watch my other videos, make sure you can check them out on the left. You can check out all the other videos that I have. We have hundreds of videos on YouTube. You want to expand on a profit, check it out.

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