Financial freedom in the business and how to run business passively

A lot of great information. In fact, I would challenge you to go and search and watch the interviews on YouTube anyone of them. And I challenge you to see if they even used the word passive income. They don’t even use the word, it’s not even in their vocabulary and I challenge you, the most successful people on the planet, to see if they even use the word financial freedom. None of them got into the business because they want to be financially free, none of them, not one of them. They got into the business because there’s something they love to do or they see this product or whatever it might be. Whatever drives them but none of them because if their goal was financial freedom. None of them have to work.

They accomplished that many years ago. They have way more than they could spend, they don’t need to keep working. How many have read the book 4-Hour Workweek? Yeah, 4-Hour Workweek. And I know Tim, he’s a great guy, great book. I think people misunderstood what Tim was actually saying but look at any one of these guys. Anyone of them. Are any one of them working four-hour week? No. None. Are they even working four hours a day? No, they’re working long hours. Who’s the richest man in British Columbia? Patterson. Patterson is okay. If you call the Patterson office on Saturday morning, chances are Jimmy’s gonna pick it up. Jimmy, at his age, is still today the first one to go to the office and the last one to leave.

Let me give you a clue, he doesn’t need the money. But why is he keep working? Oh that’s you know all these people they’re just greedy they want more. Well, let me ask you a different question. If you are already a pretty healthy person and you want to, you’re pretty healthy. You eat well but you could eat even healthier and exercise more and get into better shape.

If you could do that, should you? Yes or no. Yes. So let’s say you already have a pretty good relationship with your spouse. You’re a pretty loving person and you give love and you help other people. So if you’re pretty loving right now but you could give more love, should you? Yes or no? Yes. So if you are already a pretty successful businessman you’re making good money. And you could make more money now here’s a question should you? Yes or no? Yes. So it’s not about money, it’s about growth.

They are doing it because it’s what life is about its growth, it’s more. Not because they’re greedy, that’s the poor people mentality. All these people are greedy because they are not creating shit. They’re not creating value in the society but these people are doing stuff, are innovating. You can’t tell me, Warren Buffett gives away 97 percent of his wealth. How can you even criticize a guy like that? Yeah, I wanna be in line for that. Where do I sign up? Do You know what I mean? So if you think about it, so none of them think even that way. So if you want to study the best, think of they don’t even use the language they don’t think financially. It’s not that what they think about.

Now if you think okay if I want to be more successful shouldn’t you study the best yes?  Yes. Listen to what so what do they focus on? What they focus on is this, you see retirement is simply doing what you want where, you want to do it, yes or no?  Yes. For most people right? So each of the Forbes 400 is doing that, they have all retired into their jobs and companies. They’ve all retired, I have retired into my companies. I’m doing it because it’s just what I want to do. It’s not because I have to do it, I don’t have to do shit. I want to do it, I love doing it. What else am I gonna do? You can only go on so many vacations.

I take four vacations a year, that’s plenty. More than that, I’m like it’s too much. I’m happy four vacations, I’m very happy. I don’t need more than that and as a guy, I mean how many cars do you need? You can only drive one. How many houses do you need? One. Seriously I mean I live a pretty much I live a pretty modest life. I’ve got one car, I’ve got two cars actually. One house and nice carpet, that’s it. I mean I don’t have ten cars, I could buy 10 cars, I don’t have ten cars. So think about that. So why do you think passive income is a dangerous fantasy? So because you can’t stay ahead of the competition passively.

Let me ask you this question. In the business world now, business environment. Is the business environment right now more competitive today or ten years ago? Today. Today and is it getting more competitive as time goes on? Yes?  Yes. Okay so if you think about it. If you’re actually running your business passively. Your competition every day you’re thinking of how can I take you out of business? So if you run, think of this general. If this is general and says “You guys go fight the war and kill the enemy “and conquer and I’m just gonna sit back. “And relax and just passively and drink my beer.”

Now are you gonna follow that guy? No. – Yes or no? No. No if anything I’ll shoot this son of a bitch right?  You’re not gonna follow a leader like that same thing with you. Your company, if you’re passive, nobody wants to follow a passive leader. Think, what if I say to you that what I want is I want, how healthy would you be if your focus is passive health?  Not very healthy. Not very healthy. It’s because anything in life that’s worthwhile. We have to what? Work at it. You got to work at it. You got to work at it. So passive health if you want to be healthy you gotta exercise regularly. Eat well yes, have a little bit discipline yes right?

What if I say to you, well you know what honey from now on, I just want some passive sex. I’m not gonna do anything. You’re gonna do all the work I’m just gonna lie down there like a dead fish. Now let me ask you a question how passionate would your relationship be? I won’t go to my bedroom. So passive health doesn’t work, passive sex definitely doesn’t work how would passive income work? It doesn’t make sense, it does not make sense.

How many of you are getting this? How many find it liberating actually? Good, good and you can’t maintain a loyal tribe of customers passively. You just can’t because every day, someone is trying to steal your customers. Just take market share. We have to be aggressive. And you can’t lead great teams passively period, there’s no way and here’s the biggest point of all you cannot create meaning, passion or purpose in your life passively, you just can’t.

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