Explain Customer perception and its importance

Customer perception helps you to know the customer’s opinion with your products and services. It is a marketing concept that tells you what customers think about your brand. What they feel about you in their direct or indirect experience. A successful businessman only knows the importance of customer perception. On the basis of this, you can improve the customer shopping experience.

The customers can collect all the information about the product and make a meaningful image in mind. This process we called customer perception. This process starts when the customer knows about the new product. And it will continue until the customer makes their opinion about that brand product.

In every business, everything is affecting customer perception. The way of keeping the product in the retail store, product advertisement, offers, discount will impact customer perception. If you understand the importance of customer perception then you will lead the business successfully.

Factors which deciding customer perception

  • Marketing communication: In business how the brand communicates with the customer is important. Communication media are different. It may be online, social media, chat or face to face.
  • Emotional connection: The popular brand product create an emotional connection with the customer. Because they know it is important for brand development.
  • Consistency of performance: brand performance also affects customer perception. It depends on how the product will works in the past and now.
  • Universal marketing: Universal marketing is a way to sell the brand and good service. A brand has to be good and satisfy the customers.

Why Customer Perception is Important?

To make a customer satisfied is the best way to deliver a great customer experience. If the customer is happy with the products and services they will give a good review. Customer perception depends on the customer experience that they had with the product. The retail store owner offers gifts and free food vouchers to the customer. They take the survey to know what customer feels about them.

Customer preception can break and make the brand. Getting the product as per description can create positive customer perception. But it will happen when the product delivered to the customer on time. Also, provide a valid receipt to them. If you provide great customer service then it will help to create positive customer opinion about the brand.

But if the customer is not happy with your products and services then it will break the brand. Ant creates a negative perception of the brand. When the company works to create a strong bond with the customer, customer perception will improve. It is a better way to stand out in the competition. It is also important to create a good image of the brand. So the companies are trying to provide good customer experience to increase the perception.

What are the factors that affect customer perception?

1. Personal experience

The customer experience with buying products and services highly affect on customer perception. So it is important that the quality, service, and color of the product make an impression on customer’s minds. It will help to build good preception.

2. Advertising

Advertising the product by using different media is also a good way to attract the customer. The customer can see the product first in the advertisement. So it is the factor that affects the perception. If you advertise your brand in a good manner definitely it will create a positive perception.

3. Influencers

Most of the customer can buy the tested product only. So the customer who bought the product and try the product called influencers. If the product is tested by the influencers then it helpful to you. When people heard about this type of product they will try to buy and test it.

4. Customer reviews

Customers can make and break the business. Most of the customers can see the customers review before buying the products. So it is also an important factor to create good customer preception. If the product has a lower number of stars means people give less review of that product. And it will create a bad impression on customers.

5. Social Media

Social media is also the best platform to manage customer perception. When customers get information about the product, they try to buy that product. The retail store owner can post their product image, video, color on social media. It helps to create good preception.

The company can measure preception by using different tools and investing time. If you know who the product brand perceives. Then you can easily improve your business in a successful way.

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