Different psychological tactics which is very useful in business

“This is the one that I’m gonna make it big, “then I can provide for my family, “and pay off some the debt, this is it.” and guess what happens? You went broke. Now I failed again, and then I dust myself off, learn from mistakes. Say to myself, motivate myself and said, “You know what, start the next one, “this one, this is the one, I can just feel it. “I know it’s gonna work”, and guess what happens? Same. Yeah I failed again, okay. And at the time, I was trying, jumping from one thing to another, and always looking for the perfect vehicle. The perfect business whatever might be, and I would try all kinds, try vending machines, I tried that with marketing, I try you know software all kinds of things right, none of them worked, none of them worked.

And then I went into a different path where okay how come I see other people are successful. How come I like I don’t think they are they 10 times smarter than me? I don’t think so. Are they, do they work 10 times harder than me? I don’t think so, then what’s missing, must be something wrong with me. So I went in, went heavily into personal development. So read all the books and attend the seminars, workshops motivation, motivate me. And in fact, how many of you have read Think and Grow Rich? Yeah, wonderful. So I read Think and Grow Rich ten times, from the front page to the back page, back and forth.

Now the problem was, there was a lot of thinking, not a whole lot of riching. Okay, and then how many have read How to Win Friends and Influence People. Yeah, yeah I also read that book multiple times, the problem was, I couldn’t influence my friends to loan me more money. So that didn’t work, that did not work, and at that point, I was about $150,000 in debt from friends and family. And credit cards and everything, in debt and I joined the NFL club, no friends left. Because every time I would call them, “Oh it’s you the.” That’s it, that’s it. They wouldn’t take my call anymore it wasn’t. It’s now looking back it’s kind of funny but it was embarrassing, it was very embarrassing.

And I was what I would call, now looking back, I will call myself at the time. A kind of like a business opportunity junkie, because I would buy all kinds of stuff. Buy all kinds of programs and try to make money and I would buy those. How many have seen those home business or business opportunity magazine, have you seen those? How many bought those magazines? Be honest, okay thank you for your honesty. So I bought those magazines, and I was the guy that would respond to every ad. I would look at the oh this guy’s making money from mail order, let’s do that, now this guy’s making money from classified ads.

Let’s do that, oh and this guy’s making money from his kitchen table in his underwear, let’s do that, that’s even better. So I bought all kinds of shit right, everything. Now what happens when you respond to all these ads, do you know what happens? Spam. – Yes, I’m talking like direct mail days right. Now guess how many junk mails I’ll get, a lot, a ton. So it’s funny, ’cause my mom would open the mailbox, and she has like three letters. And I have this pile of stuff like 30, 40 letters every day, like what the hell are you doing Dan right. And I would look at these things, and I tried different things and none of them work of course, none of them work.

I thought to myself, there’s something missing here, I bought these, I tried kind of, to implement what they taught. But how come it doesn’t work for me and I don’t quite get it. So obviously I’m not making money buying this crap, but then I thought maybe people are making money. Selling this crap it’s just a different mind shift. Then I thought to myself, huh isn’t that interesting, because whoever is selling whatever they’re selling. I’m sending money to this guy who I’ve never met, I’ve never talked to, and I’m sending him some money, this is interesting. Wouldn’t be good if I’m on the other side. So then I started looking at these things from a different perspective, from a different what? Perspective. A different perspective, I looked at it, I’m like okay.

Now I’ve started studying marketing, and then, later on, I found a mentor his name is Alan. And he took me under his wing, and he said, he’s you know a marketing guy. He taught me copywriting and marketing and how to write ads, and I basically worked for him for one year. For next to nothing basically nothing volunteer. And I always refer to that year, like the million-dollar year of my life. Because I got a million-dollar worth of education in that year.

So that might not be the answer for everybody, but that was the answer for me, finding a good who has been there and done that. So after Alan good me and then I opened up my little own one-man advertising agency. And just writing ads for business. For speakers for authors, and in my early 20s I was making $10,000 a month, now how many you recognize like for twenty-something years old. 10 grand is a lot of money, it feels like a million bucks.  I can provide for my mom, pay off some debt, and still you know live a pretty good life.

After a while of that, then one day, I met a webmaster at a time, and he said to me, he said: “Dan you need a website.” Okay, why do I need a website, “No, no, you need a website.” What I’m gonna put on my website I don’t get it because I’m busy enough, I don’t need more clients. “So well you know we could sell something on the website.” What am I’m gonna sell, “I don’t know, put some stuff together, “sell a book or something? I said, “Okay fine.” Then I sort of put together a book. So I wrote my first ever book, it’s called psychological tactics. Now it’s interesting because when I first wrote the book, my intention was to use the book to help protect consumers of like what are these marketers doing to make you buy stuff but then guess who is buying all the book, Marketers.

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