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Think of the moment in your life. Any moment where you were the most passionate. You were the most excited, you were the most alive were you like passively sitting there doing nothing. Or were you doing stuff or were you challenging yourself or were you stepping out of your comfort zone?  Stepping out of my comfort zone. You were doing new stuff like this is cool I’ve never done this before this is now you’re active right? You’re not passive, it’s the same in business. It’s the same in business, you cannot create meaning, passion or purpose in your life passively.

So every time I’ve seen someone create a business whatever business he’s in. With the ultimate intention of getting away from that business and its customers as quickly as possible instead of moving towards that business. And its customers, it fails. Because when you say the word passive income to your brain, what signal does it send to your brain? It sends the signal to your brain this, how can I get the most with the least amount of work? Because you want passive. How can I do the least amount of effort, but the least amount of effort and get the most out of this deal? Think about it.

In other words, you’re saying what can I get away with? What can I get away with? You know it, what can I get away with? So instead of going with that intention. And you don’t give a damn about the customers. I just want to make some money. Make enough so I can go on vacation and stuff like that. Now if you’re with that intention going to a business, are you gonna do well? No.

Just no way but what if we change that up? What if you go into with an intention, purpose, and meaning and say you know what. I’m here to impact people’s lives, I’m here to help somebody, I’m here to make a difference. I want to make money I want to make a profit but I could do that in a way that’s gonna be nobody’s ever done this before. What if you go with that intention?

Now is your business more likely to be successful? Yes.  And are your customers gonna feel the difference? You bet. They are not just some digits. They’re not just a credit card number They know that they’re people yes?  Yes. – So at the end of the day, think about that. So if your intention is to make enough so I can get away from it, no move towards it. Hold your customers and engage, interact with the customers. Go and meet, if (yells) just want to make especially internet guys right.

Oh, just this and do this and automate this and. I always say to them you know you cannot automate and systemize something that’s not worth anything. If you have not created value in the first place then what the hell are you automating? What are you automating? Once you create value on a big scale and now you need people. You build a team. Now you can automate, now you can systemize so we can serve more people.

Does that make sense? There’s a big difference in mindset. So the business you’re investing in or creating doesn’t tend to be creating value for its customers or for anyone. So it doesn’t tend to spit off the cash that you’re hoping it will, of course. So many times I’ve seen people pursue passive income and end up having active losses instead. How many of you have been there? End up having active losses instead. So here’s the truth, don’t aim for a passive income, aim for leverage income.

What kind of income?  Leverage income, aim for that, don’t aim for passive. Aim for leverage, aim for leverage and as you build it. Now you’re having a team, now you have some systems in place. The income keeps going up and up and you notice my pattern, I have a lot of leverage. I don’t have all passive, I’m mostly leveraged through my business, through my people, leveraged. Now with this mindset, with this new understanding, are you still gonna be buying all those get-rich-quick crap out there? Better not. But it’s your choice. So if not, now but then are you saying that I shouldn’t invest in myself?

Are you saying that I shouldn’t invest in my own education? Is that what I’m saying?  No. That’s not what I’m saying but how do you differentiate? So these programs and this and things and compared to maybe a workshop or a book. How would I know when should I invest or not invest? Let me give you a very simple, simple solution. Anything you want to invest in could be any education. Ask yourself this question, if I learn this skill, if I go to this thing. If I buy this program, is this gonna help me to generate more leverage income within what I do? Not let me buy this magic pill or bullet so it solves all my problems. So then I don’t have to deal with this anymore.

You’re not looking for an escape. You’re looking for can I add this to what I’m doing that would enhance what I’m doing right now? You have this skill set or maybe cells. May be smoking what the other skill that you might need but is this gonna help me generate more leverage income? Do you see the distinction yes or no? Yeah, so that’s how you make the decision. Is this gonna help me generate more average income? By all means, go for it. This is a distraction, it’s a magic pill, it’s poisoned, snake oil, stay away from it.

In fact, how many of you are, in your email box you get a lot of different offers. And subscribe to the different teachers and stuff like how many of you how many have that? Okay the first recommendation, go home, unsubscribe yourself from all that crap. So you can focus. So it’s not today to buy this, tomorrow it’s buy something else, the next day it’s buy something else and buy something else never ends. It never ends unsubscribe yourself from all those just think of the peace you’ll have when you open your email box. Oh actually now I can read an email from my friend instead of all those offers.

Yeah, unsubscribe, you don’t need it. You do not need it. How many are gonna do that? Yeah just unsubscribe, liberating, freedom! That’s freedom. Then no more of the shiny object syndrome no it’s not one thing and buys the next thing and the next thing and the next thing. Now he said what’s interesting Why do people do that though?

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