Why are you in business in the first place?

By a show of hands how many of you want more income in your life put that way up and say yes! Yes! How many of you don’t just want more income, you want more passive income, put that way up and say oh yes! Oh yes!  Now, first of all, I want to thank Jennifer, give her a round of applause for putting this together. A lot of friends and Jennifer’s been inviting me to come to the Fraser Valley and her friends on Facebook George. And say “Hey you know when are you coming “to Fraser Valley?.” Because usually, I do most of my work most of my teaching at, through my Entrepreneurs Group where we meet every second Wednesday at Vancouver Club.

And so, and I believe that’s a way for me to give back to the businessman community for Vancouver because Canada has been so good to me and I do my teaching there every second Wednesday. I don’t sell anything there. Whatever I collect in admission barely covers the venue cost. But I do it every two weeks, every two weeks. So today would be quite interesting because I did this talk about this workshop in a couple of months ago. And it was a three-hour workshop. So I’m trying to give you three hours of content in about an hour okay, about an hour. So I’ll do my best, I’ll do my best. Now also at the end of my presentation, I’m gonna give you a copy of my book, FU Money for free, who wants it by the way Yes!

Put it nice and high, nice and high so I can see, if your hand is not up now, I ain’t giving you shit. Okay, good, good, okay. And some people say they see the book, “Oh Dan is it like Fu money, what is F-U Money. It fucks you money okay, it’s what it is, it’s exactly what it means. So, by show of hands, how many of you want to have some fun tonight, yes? Yes! Very good, very good, now for what I want you to do, I want you to get the most out of our time together, So first I want you to do two things, how many things? Two!

Now the first thing I want you to do is I want you to take notes, I want you to take notes okay. And the second thing I want you to do, which you’re already doing great, is I want you to participate. Because participation equals value, participation equals what? Value! So the more you participated, the more you participate, the more forward you play, the more value you, Get. Get exactly. So just so you know, this is like 10% participation, this is 50% participation, this is 100% participation, so let’s try this out, let’s try this out. So how many of you are willing to participate a hundred percent, yes?  I am.  Yes. Awesome, you get the book first, okay. So I want to start off with a story, there’s this Native American tribe.

The government was thinking well you know what we’ve got this group of people this community here how can we make them more productive. How can we collect more taxes because that’s what the government thinks about? So one day they thought you know what, we’re gonna send one of our top agents to this tribe. And see if we can help them out maybe put them through school, help them get jobs and things like that. So the government sends these top agents to this tribe, now this top agent is very very smart, he’s thinking. “well you know what this is a tough job, “so what can I do?” He thought himself. Well instead of trying to persuade each member in the community one on one, why don’t I just go to the top from top to bottom.

Let me talk to the chief, let me talk to the Indian chief if I can get him on board. Everybody else will be on board make sense? So he went to the chief, and said, “Hey chief you know here’s, “we’re here to help you, the government sent me here.” Great here to help me? “And what I want to do is, I want to help you, “I want to help you, I want to put you to school.

“I want to put you through school, “and don’t worry we’re gonna take care of everything, “we’re gonna pick you up from where you live. “We’re gonna drive you to school, “and we’re gonna get a tutor for you. “Make sure you get good grades, “and you can get a job and you can graduate. And the Indian Chief said, “Well why would I want that?” Well ’cause after you graduate, then you can work, you can get a job and make a living.

Well, the Indian Chief said that why would I want that. Well, when you make a living then you buy your own home, you own your own home. And then you have your own place, you can have some kids, and you work, and you can save up some money. The Indian chief said, “Well why would I want that?” Well you know when you’ve saved enough money, you work hard and this and that and when you’re 65 you can retire, “Well why would I want that?” Well, when you retire you can do whatever you want, you can go hunting. You can go fishing, you can sing all day long, you can do whatever you want. The Indian Chief said, “Well I’m doing that right now.”

So the question and write this down, here’s the first lesson of the night, it’s not how much money you make, is how you make the money. It’s not how much money you make, it’s how you make the money, think about it. Because sometimes businessman, what I notice is we get into business and then after a couple years two, three, five years, ten years after a number of years.

And we got so busy and we’re doing things, we’re trying to make it happen, we’re trying to make the business work. We’re trying to make a profit trying to survive or prosper whatever it is. Sometimes we forgot why are we in business in the first place, why do we get into this in the first place? So let me ask you a question, why are you in business in the first place? Just yell the answer. Make money.


Different psychological tactics which is very useful in business

“This is the one that I’m gonna make it big, “then I can provide for my family, “and pay off some the debt, this is it.” and guess what happens? You went broke. Now I failed again, and then I dust myself off, learn from mistakes. Say to myself, motivate myself and said, “You know what, start the next one, “this one, this is the one, I can just feel it. “I know it’s gonna work”, and guess what happens? Same. Yeah I failed again, okay. And at the time, I was trying, jumping from one thing to another, and always looking for the perfect vehicle. The perfect business whatever might be, and I would try all kinds, try vending machines, I tried that with marketing, I try you know software all kinds of things right, none of them worked, none of them worked.

And then I went into a different path where okay how come I see other people are successful. How come I like I don’t think they are they 10 times smarter than me? I don’t think so. Are they, do they work 10 times harder than me? I don’t think so, then what’s missing, must be something wrong with me. So I went in, went heavily into personal development. So read all the books and attend the seminars, workshops motivation, motivate me. And in fact, how many of you have read Think and Grow Rich? Yeah, wonderful. So I read Think and Grow Rich ten times, from the front page to the back page, back and forth.

Now the problem was, there was a lot of thinking, not a whole lot of riching. Okay, and then how many have read How to Win Friends and Influence People. Yeah, yeah I also read that book multiple times, the problem was, I couldn’t influence my friends to loan me more money. So that didn’t work, that did not work, and at that point, I was about $150,000 in debt from friends and family. And credit cards and everything, in debt and I joined the NFL club, no friends left. Because every time I would call them, “Oh it’s you the.” That’s it, that’s it. They wouldn’t take my call anymore it wasn’t. It’s now looking back it’s kind of funny but it was embarrassing, it was very embarrassing.

And I was what I would call, now looking back, I will call myself at the time. A kind of like a business opportunity junkie, because I would buy all kinds of stuff. Buy all kinds of programs and try to make money and I would buy those. How many have seen those home business or business opportunity magazine, have you seen those? How many bought those magazines? Be honest, okay thank you for your honesty. So I bought those magazines, and I was the guy that would respond to every ad. I would look at the oh this guy’s making money from mail order, let’s do that, now this guy’s making money from classified ads.

Let’s do that, oh and this guy’s making money from his kitchen table in his underwear, let’s do that, that’s even better. So I bought all kinds of shit right, everything. Now what happens when you respond to all these ads, do you know what happens? Spam. – Yes, I’m talking like direct mail days right. Now guess how many junk mails I’ll get, a lot, a ton. So it’s funny, ’cause my mom would open the mailbox, and she has like three letters. And I have this pile of stuff like 30, 40 letters every day, like what the hell are you doing Dan right. And I would look at these things, and I tried different things and none of them work of course, none of them work.

I thought to myself, there’s something missing here, I bought these, I tried kind of, to implement what they taught. But how come it doesn’t work for me and I don’t quite get it. So obviously I’m not making money buying this crap, but then I thought maybe people are making money. Selling this crap it’s just a different mind shift. Then I thought to myself, huh isn’t that interesting, because whoever is selling whatever they’re selling. I’m sending money to this guy who I’ve never met, I’ve never talked to, and I’m sending him some money, this is interesting. Wouldn’t be good if I’m on the other side. So then I started looking at these things from a different perspective, from a different what? Perspective. A different perspective, I looked at it, I’m like okay.

Now I’ve started studying marketing, and then, later on, I found a mentor his name is Alan. And he took me under his wing, and he said, he’s you know a marketing guy. He taught me copywriting and marketing and how to write ads, and I basically worked for him for one year. For next to nothing basically nothing volunteer. And I always refer to that year, like the million-dollar year of my life. Because I got a million-dollar worth of education in that year.

So that might not be the answer for everybody, but that was the answer for me, finding a good who has been there and done that. So after Alan good me and then I opened up my little own one-man advertising agency. And just writing ads for business. For speakers for authors, and in my early 20s I was making $10,000 a month, now how many you recognize like for twenty-something years old. 10 grand is a lot of money, it feels like a million bucks.  I can provide for my mom, pay off some debt, and still you know live a pretty good life.

After a while of that, then one day, I met a webmaster at a time, and he said to me, he said: “Dan you need a website.” Okay, why do I need a website, “No, no, you need a website.” What I’m gonna put on my website I don’t get it because I’m busy enough, I don’t need more clients. “So well you know we could sell something on the website.” What am I’m gonna sell, “I don’t know, put some stuff together, “sell a book or something? I said, “Okay fine.” Then I sort of put together a book. So I wrote my first ever book, it’s called psychological tactics. Now it’s interesting because when I first wrote the book, my intention was to use the book to help protect consumers of like what are these marketers doing to make you buy stuff but then guess who is buying all the book, Marketers.


Financial freedom in the business and how to run business passively

A lot of great information. In fact, I would challenge you to go and search and watch the interviews on YouTube anyone of them. And I challenge you to see if they even used the word passive income. They don’t even use the word, it’s not even in their vocabulary and I challenge you, the most successful people on the planet, to see if they even use the word financial freedom. None of them got into the business because they want to be financially free, none of them, not one of them. They got into the business because there’s something they love to do or they see this product or whatever it might be. Whatever drives them but none of them because if their goal was financial freedom. None of them have to work.

They accomplished that many years ago. They have way more than they could spend, they don’t need to keep working. How many have read the book 4-Hour Workweek? Yeah, 4-Hour Workweek. And I know Tim, he’s a great guy, great book. I think people misunderstood what Tim was actually saying but look at any one of these guys. Anyone of them. Are any one of them working four-hour week? No. None. Are they even working four hours a day? No, they’re working long hours. Who’s the richest man in British Columbia? Patterson. Patterson is okay. If you call the Patterson office on Saturday morning, chances are Jimmy’s gonna pick it up. Jimmy, at his age, is still today the first one to go to the office and the last one to leave.

Let me give you a clue, he doesn’t need the money. But why is he keep working? Oh that’s you know all these people they’re just greedy they want more. Well, let me ask you a different question. If you are already a pretty healthy person and you want to, you’re pretty healthy. You eat well but you could eat even healthier and exercise more and get into better shape.

If you could do that, should you? Yes or no. Yes. So let’s say you already have a pretty good relationship with your spouse. You’re a pretty loving person and you give love and you help other people. So if you’re pretty loving right now but you could give more love, should you? Yes or no? Yes. So if you are already a pretty successful businessman you’re making good money. And you could make more money now here’s a question should you? Yes or no? Yes. So it’s not about money, it’s about growth.

They are doing it because it’s what life is about its growth, it’s more. Not because they’re greedy, that’s the poor people mentality. All these people are greedy because they are not creating shit. They’re not creating value in the society but these people are doing stuff, are innovating. You can’t tell me, Warren Buffett gives away 97 percent of his wealth. How can you even criticize a guy like that? Yeah, I wanna be in line for that. Where do I sign up? Do You know what I mean? So if you think about it, so none of them think even that way. So if you want to study the best, think of they don’t even use the language they don’t think financially. It’s not that what they think about.

Now if you think okay if I want to be more successful shouldn’t you study the best yes?  Yes. Listen to what so what do they focus on? What they focus on is this, you see retirement is simply doing what you want where, you want to do it, yes or no?  Yes. For most people right? So each of the Forbes 400 is doing that, they have all retired into their jobs and companies. They’ve all retired, I have retired into my companies. I’m doing it because it’s just what I want to do. It’s not because I have to do it, I don’t have to do shit. I want to do it, I love doing it. What else am I gonna do? You can only go on so many vacations.

I take four vacations a year, that’s plenty. More than that, I’m like it’s too much. I’m happy four vacations, I’m very happy. I don’t need more than that and as a guy, I mean how many cars do you need? You can only drive one. How many houses do you need? One. Seriously I mean I live a pretty much I live a pretty modest life. I’ve got one car, I’ve got two cars actually. One house and nice carpet, that’s it. I mean I don’t have ten cars, I could buy 10 cars, I don’t have ten cars. So think about that. So why do you think passive income is a dangerous fantasy? So because you can’t stay ahead of the competition passively.

Let me ask you this question. In the business world now, business environment. Is the business environment right now more competitive today or ten years ago? Today. Today and is it getting more competitive as time goes on? Yes?  Yes. Okay so if you think about it. If you’re actually running your business passively. Your competition every day you’re thinking of how can I take you out of business? So if you run, think of this general. If this is general and says “You guys go fight the war and kill the enemy “and conquer and I’m just gonna sit back. “And relax and just passively and drink my beer.”

Now are you gonna follow that guy? No. – Yes or no? No. No if anything I’ll shoot this son of a bitch right?  You’re not gonna follow a leader like that same thing with you. Your company, if you’re passive, nobody wants to follow a passive leader. Think, what if I say to you that what I want is I want, how healthy would you be if your focus is passive health?  Not very healthy. Not very healthy. It’s because anything in life that’s worthwhile. We have to what? Work at it. You got to work at it. You got to work at it. So passive health if you want to be healthy you gotta exercise regularly. Eat well yes, have a little bit discipline yes right?

What if I say to you, well you know what honey from now on, I just want some passive sex. I’m not gonna do anything. You’re gonna do all the work I’m just gonna lie down there like a dead fish. Now let me ask you a question how passionate would your relationship be? I won’t go to my bedroom. So passive health doesn’t work, passive sex definitely doesn’t work how would passive income work? It doesn’t make sense, it does not make sense.

How many of you are getting this? How many find it liberating actually? Good, good and you can’t maintain a loyal tribe of customers passively. You just can’t because every day, someone is trying to steal your customers. Just take market share. We have to be aggressive. And you can’t lead great teams passively period, there’s no way and here’s the biggest point of all you cannot create meaning, passion or purpose in your life passively, you just can’t.


Get money to start your business career

Almost every day, I get a private message on Facebook, e-mail, or Instagram DM. Someone asked me, like no joke, Dan, can you lend me $5,000? Dan, can you loan me $10,000? I’m gonna pay you back. I need to start this business. Or, you know, can you, it’s almost sometimes a handout. Now here’s the thing: Just because someone is successful, they are not obligated to help you if you don’t even fucking help yourself. By just looking at the request, I know the level that you are at.

First of all, clearly, you have not studied my work. Maybe you saw one post of mine then you submit a request, Dan give me some money. Here’s the thing, if you study my work, you know I’m all about adding value before you ask anything in return. So it shows me you have not studied any of my work, no wonder you’re fucking broke. Second is, you don’t approach a successful people asking for something. You approach a successful person adding value, giving them something first before you ask anything in return. And third is if you have no money, just think about if I’m betting on horse-racing.

You as a jockey, as a businessman, you suck. Because you are never have done this before. The horse, your business, your idea, probably sucks too. If I was to bet on a horse, why would I bet on you when I am getting approached by winning. Award-winning jockey with a track record, with a kick-ass horse, and I turn down 99% of those opportunities. Then why I don’t even know you. Why would I give you money? So its your fault.

So let me give you some strategies, actually, four ways that you can find money to fund your business, okay? Number one, you can find money, the first group of people to go to is what I call sharks. Yes, sharks, they are the people on Shark Tank. They are the venture capitalists in the world. They are professional investors in the world. Chances are, maybe many years ago, they started just like you, like me. They were businessman and now they’re made of money. They have a pool of money, and they’re looking for wise, smart investments, experienced entrepreneurs to invest in. So they’re sharks. Now there’s a reason why they’re called sharks.

Chances are they want to make more money. They want to put their capital to work. And they only usually invest in investments. They bet on prove award-winning horses or jockeys. They don’t best on the idea, they don’t bet on pie-in-the-sky kind of bullshit. And that’s why you see on these shows, that people say, I’ve got this widget, I’ve got this idea, I’m very passionate, so what? You have an idea of how to win the race. You don’t know, you have no business skills. You have no business acumen. The fact that you have none is the fact that you need five, 10,000 to grow in business.

Believe it or not, that tells people a lot. So, sharks, when you’re dealing with sharks, knowing that probably, you could get money from them. Even if you could manage to convince them. However, you will need to be prepared to give a good chunk of the company. Because they’re risking their money on you. And usually, sharks also have, chances are they have a lot of experience in the business. They may ask for a big piece of your business. So sharks, dealing with sharks.

Second, and chances are if you’re watching this video. 99.9% of the people watching this video, you’re not gonna get money from the capital, you’re just not there yet. Number two, it’s what I call dolphins. So the dolphins, they are the financial institutions, they are the banks. They are the credit union, they are institutions where you can borrow money. And banks, you can say banks, the problem with banks is you go to the bank and remember I was trying to, many many years ago, even trying to get a line of credit for $2,000. $2,000, a line of credit! They wouldn’t give it to me.

They just wouldn’t give it to me. And now, my bank is calling me all the time, hey Dan, do you need money. I can loan you some money. Do you need a mortgage? Do you need more lines of credit, another credit card? Do you need more financing for your deal? I said I don’t need money. No, but you might, if you need, let me give you a call. Here’s how usually banks work. They loan you money when you don’t need it. That’s right, the loan you money, dolphins, they loan you money when you don’t need it. They don’t loan you money when you need it. They don’t loan you money when things go into shit. They don’t do that, because again, bankers, dolphins, they are very conservative.

Now although you may think dolphins are kinda nice animals. And they’re kinda nice, but don’t be fooled by that, okay? Dolphins can also bite your head off. Their teeth are just as sharp as a shark. So don’t be like, I’m dealing with dolphins, they’re nice. No, they are, they make their money, dolphins, on the interest, right, the money they loan you. They’re a money lending business.

They want to protect investments, no different. So time and place, there’s a time and place for dolphins. And chances are, maybe, if you’re starting from scratch, you’re starting, you are, this is your first couple businesses, you don’t have a track record, very difficult for you to borrow money from dolphins. The third is what I call fish. Fish is your family and friends. Right, your relatives, your brothers, your sisters, your mum, and dad. Your vendors, your suppliers, chances are, not to put you down, those are the people who are dumb enough to loan you money. They will be dumb enough and say, hey, you know what, you’re a good guy, you’re a good girl, you’re hard-working, I believe in you. Knowing that you’re probably gonna lose it, but you know what, I’m betting on you because of the relationship.

Not because of your track record, not because you’re skilled, but because of relationships. You know what, here’s $5,000, here’s $10,000, I would invest in you. Chances are, I remember I borrowed money from my uncle to start my business. I lost all his money, he was a fish, right? So I’ve done all of that, but the best way to find money to fund your business. That I believe, that I’ve used my entire career is you get the money from your customers. You get the money from your customers. How do you get some money? You go out and you sell some shit. You get some sales, it is the easiest way to get it. You don’t come to me and say, hey Dan, give me ten grand, good luck.


Most businessmen are far too focused on trying to manage their businesses better

So how to think like an unconventional millionaire. Question number one, why is thinking important? Who can tell me? Why is thinking important? Mindset is 80% of it, 20% mechanics. Okay, 80% mindset, 20% mechanics, yes. Business is an intellectual sport. Business intellectual sport, yes. It’s where your emotions come from. It’s where Your emotions come from. If this is the first time you’re joining us, what I always do, I’m highly interactive, I hate, I fucking hate lecture. Okay, when I was going to school, when the professor was lecturing me, I was falling asleep. I don’t wanna do that, so you can see the mic there.

Any time you have a question, any time you have a what? Question. Stop me, go to the mic, I’ll answer it, highly interactive. We’re gonna dive quite deep this evening. I’ve been wanting to do this talk, do this piece, this training, for some time now, probably six, seven months. I’ve been thinking about it, thinking about it, and I wasn’t sure the right timing. I think, you know, this month is a good time, but I think what I’m about to share with you might contradict some of your beliefs. Some of the things you might not agree with, and that’s completely fine, is that okay. Yeah, it’s okay. And so I want you to know that you could cafeteria this.

You could cafeteria this, you don’t have to take all the hundred percent. You could say, you know what, I kinda don’t, Dan, I don’t agree with you that 30%, but I like the 70%. Can you just take that an implement, yes?  Yes. – Yeah, so it’s completely fine. So just know you have the luxury of catering to this. How many of you agree that millionaires, we think differently from the poor and the middle class. Yes. So part of my job today is to help you understand the distinction and start making some new, powerful decisions. And, what we’re gonna cover today is not so much the woo-woo, foo-foo, tree-hugging, law of attraction crap, okay, I’m not gonna cover that. And I’m not gonna cover spiritual laws of success and things like that.

Nothing wrong with that. You know, some of that I buy into, but that’s not what tonight is about. So here’s what you can expect. You know, why I always talk about the specialty I’m known for, breakthrough business strategies, that’s not what we will talk about today, okay. I’ve been able to achieve millionaire status by the age of 27, multi-millionaire status by the age of 30, I’m 34 right now. I started from nothing, nothing, not knowing anybody, no contacts, with no personal or family resources. My family didn’t come from money. No backing and no formal education. I’m a college dropout. So this is the first time ever that I will discuss my personal philosophies, business practices. What has helped me achieve the success that I have today? And, this also answers the questions a lot of people ask me.

How I do what I do, what I do, and why I do them. So this workshop kind of answers those questions, does that make sense? Yes. – It answers those questions. People want to know, who do you work. And how do you think about certain things, so this is designed to answer that. So the sort of real success information that you don’t get from other places. I am not here to motivate you. In fact, who can motivate you?  You. – Yeah, nobody can motivate you. Only you can motivate you. If anything, I’m here to give you the reality that you want to think twice if this millionaire thing is what you want or not. ‘Cause it ain’t for everybody, absolutely not. If it is for everybody, everybody would be a millionaire.

Okay, it’s not for everybody. So warning, just so if you’ve never been to my talk, anything like that, so this might get a little dicey for you. If you’re offended by grownup talk, frank language, occasional or frequent, either way. So no pie in the sky, what I call woo-woo teachers who promise you. Just think hard enough and want it bad enough. The universe will manifest it for you. Okay, it’s very much like if you want to lose weight and be fit and have a six-pack ab. You can sit there and you can just hope and think positive. And yes, I see myself having a six-pack ab. Big Mac, by the way. Yes, um, I’m skinny, and I look so good. No, you’re fat, okay.

That’s not how it works, that’s not how it works, okay. So we’re not gonna talk about that. Here’s the statistics. Take any hundred people at the start of their working careers. Follow them for 40 years. How long? – 40 years. – 40 years. Until they reach the retirement age, here’s what you’ll find. Only one, how many? One. Will be wealthy, one. Four will be financially secure. Five will continue working, or actually five, 50 something, something is missing. Not because they want to, because they have to. 36 will be dead and 54 will be dead broke, depending on their relatives, friends, government, or even charity for a minimum standard of living. That means only 5% are successful and 95% are not.

Some people say it’s 97% and 3%. Some people say it’s 1% and 99%, either way, is that a small percentage, yes or no? Yes. A very small percentage. So the hint is, whatever you observe that what the majority of the people do and how they operate and how they think if you adapt the way they think and behave, what are you gonna get? Same result. Same stuff.  So one thing you could get out of this. If nothing else is, look at what other people are doing and then you do the Opposite. – Opposite. Easier said than done. Easier said than done, okay. Success, at the end of days, is not about this positive thinking and visualize and manifestation.

Success ultimately, fundamentally, it’s about behavior. What’s the key? Behavior, okay. Not attitude, not your upbringing, not your education, not your skill, not luck, not even your capital. You could get all those things. If a person behaves in a way, behaves in a way that is congruent, what’s the word?  With the goals she’s trying to achieve, she can not achieve them. If you’re behaving in a way that’s incongruent with your goals, you cannot achieve them. Just like, if I wanna lose weight, yet I go to McDonald’s three times a day, am I gonna lose weight? No.

If I drink one liter of soda every day, am I gonna lose weight? No, in spite of how bad I want it. Because my behavior is not congruent with where I wanna go. Am I making sense?  Yes. – Okay. So Lookism, most businessmen are far too focused on trying to manage their businesses better rather than managing themselves better. Write this down. Most businessmen are far too focused on trying to manage their businesses better rather than managing themselves better.

What I always like to do is I manage myself. I want to be better, myself. I want to become a more effective leader, I want to become a better marketer. I want to become a better strategist. If I improve, my business what? Improves. – Improves. I focus on managing me because that’s the only thing I can control, me. 10 times your finances, your business, your marketing, your life. Hit the subscribe button now.


Wealth Principle Number One

If you believe that each dollar that you have came to you at someone else’s expense. You gain another person’s loss, that keeps your wealth attraction power turned down. Never to full power. If you believe every dollar that you make someone is losing a dollar. If I make a dollar somebody’s losing, it’s a zero-sum game? Guess what, you don’t want to be a bad person, do you? So then you make sure, subconsciously, you don’t what? You don’t make the money. Never the full power. So as you work harder, but you have this emergency brake on, it’s counter-productive. That’s the bad news.

The good news is if you can release this, you can go forward, everything becomes easier. It is what I call in the flow, in the flow of money. In Chinese, there’s a saying, circling money, it’s not making money. You look at the word, it’s circling, in Chinese saying, money. It’s not creating money, it’s circling money. Yes, Chris? Is that why they call it a currency then because it travels in like. Yeah, yeah, you’re in a flow. Let me give an example. How many of you have a refrigerator at home? Okay, what do you have on your refrigerator? Just, just, huh, pictures, okay yes? Rice. -Huh? Rice.

What else, do you have those fridge magnets? What do you put on there, calendar, what do you have? Nothing. – Nothing, okay cool, nice and clean? Nice, okay good, that’s a good thing, yes? That looks like my fridge. Who said it? Does that look like your fridge? Man, we’ve got some work to do, man, we’ve got some work to do. Do you know people actually put their statements and bills on the fridge? Okay, guess what? Every time you open the fridge, you look at that, what does that attract? More bills and more statements.

Debt, that’s what you look at. Let me give you another example. Your drawers, okay, people put their what? Bills, statements, receipts, be honest, how many of you, your drawer, it’s a mess? It’s okay, yeah, it’s okay, it’s a mess. How many have bills, statements in your drawer? Okay, what else do you have in your drawer? Kitchen drawer, or you know, office, whatever. What else do you have? Bills, receipts Huh? Receipts, crap, what else? What else? folders. Folders, okay, good, you want more folders? Put more folders in your drawer.

What else? Nothing? Files. Files. Socks. Socks, right? Here’s what I have in my drawer. Yeah. Cash. Cash. Every damn time I open the drawer, that’s a lot of cash. It’s what I call, write this down, wealth trigger. I have a lot of wealth triggers in my house. See, I don’t talk about these things. Well, you guys never ask, but I don’t talk about these things. Money. Imagine every time you open a drawer, you see this. How does that make you feel? It’s pretty tough to feel, like, shortage, when you are like, shit, damn.

I try to get a pen, let me put my, like.  Aww, then I put the cashback, right? But sometimes, I notice some of my cash disappears because my wife is like, “Oh I need a hundred bucks.” I don’t even count, who cares, okay? It’s just a piece of cash. So that’s one of the things I have, cash. Statements, all of that, when you get your statement, here’s what I do. When I get my statement, envelope, I pay immediately. I don’t wait, I pay immediately.

Take care of everything and then I put it away in my envelope. Take it to my accountant. Take me five, 10 minutes. I don’t want to spend more than five, 10 minutes of my mind focusing on paying the bills ’cause what happens. You think, oh I’ll pay it next week and I’ll pay the week after. And then I’ll pay just the day before the credit card statement.

What happens, all these things, they stay in the where? You keep thinking about it. And what effort you focus on expands. You keep getting these bills. And they get bigger and you don’t even know why. I can tell you why, ’cause you’re thinking about it 10, 20, 30 times every month! I just want to pay it, it’s an obligation. I gotta pay utility, electricity, done. Five minutes, it’s done, it’s my obligation. Focus on doing something else, creating wealth. Okay, yes? What other triggers do you put around your house? – I’ll show you bit by bit, that’s one of them. So then the two books I recommend by the same author, one is called more, what’s the word? more.

The other one is called Bold, by the same author, Peter Diamandis. Great books. If you have any issues with, oh what’s happening, because sometimes the news is telling you we’re running out of food, right? What’s some of the negativity that the media is telling you? We’ve got what’s happening around the world, tell me. Terrorism. – Terrorism, yes. Killing. – Killing, yes. War. – War, yes. Food shortage, right, global warming, all these things. Oh my God, we’re gonna be running out of food in X amount of years, and people are gonna die, and all these things.

When you read that book, you see, the author has a totally different point of view. That he believes in using technology, will solve all of these problems. Regardless, here is what I am saying, regardless if he is right or not, I don’t care if he’s right or not. I care those are very positive thoughts. Those are good things, those are a good belief system. I want to adapt to put into this computer. That’s a good piece of software. Let’s put that in there. That’s okay, regardless if it happens or not. But I’m very aware and conscious of what I put into my mind. Does that make sense, okay? Your wealth is an addition for you, but it’s subtraction for no one else.

You making a dollar doesn’t mean you take a dollar from somebody else. So take all you can and the universe will always make more. If you truly believe in abundance, make as much money as you can. It is a gift from the universe. It’s not limited, it’s not limited. It is like you’re worried about it. Let’s say you have this vast ocean and you’re worried about if I take a cup of water away from the ocean that the ocean will dry up. You can take as much water as you could. It’s not gonna dry up. It’s just, it’s, not in our lifetime anyway. It’s just a belief that you could have. So Wealth Principle Number One. 10 times your finances, 10 times your business, 10 times your marketing, 10 times your life, Hit the subscribe button now.


How to sell high ticket products and services?

I don’t know if you can hear, but I’m actually quite sick. That’s why my voice is not as optimal as usual. But, I’m not going to let that affect my performance. Okay, ’cause I’m here to deliver. Okay, so get ready to take notes. How to sell high ticket products and services? Questions number one, what would you consider as a high ticket for you? Just yell out the number. Ten grand. Ten grand? 100 grand. – 100 grand! Okay. 10, 20. – 10 grand. Okay. 5, 10. – 5, 10? – 20k. – 20 K, okay. Ten thousand. Ten thousand. Ten thousand. Half a million – Half a million, yes. So, we’re talking anything from, from anything.

So depends on your comfort level, some people might say, “Oh, it’s three thousand, or five thousand, or 10 thousand”. So, what I’m going to share with you today applies from as little as three thousand dollars to as much as. It can be half a million dollars, even a million-dollar contract. A lot of the strategies and the tactics that would apply have sold everything in-between as a $2,000 thing, $5,000 thing, $10,000 thing. Last year, my business partner, we sold a contract to a pharmaceutical company for $800,000 U.S. One sale. $800,000 U.S. So, it’s the same. What I’m sharing with you, it’s the same.

It’s the same psychology, the same ideas would apply. So don’t feel like, “Oh, Dan what you’re saying may not exactly apply to me”. It’s the same, okay? So, let me go through the seven reasons why you want to sell high prize products and services that you might not aware of. You might not aware of it. The first reason, reason number one is, more profits and less what? Hassle, less hassle. When you sell a high ticket item, you make more, higher profit margins.

Everybody knows that, but here’s the thing. Within your marketplace, most of your competitors, my guess is, they’re not comfortable, selling at a high price. Or they don’t know, how to sell at a high price. So, very few companies, notice, yes, “Dan, there are companies that do well, selling, low margin products, such as Walmart.” Right? It’s Walmart. But you notice, if you look at history, before Walmart, there was Kmart. Where’s Kmart? Gone. – Gone. Before that, there was Sears? Where’s Sears? Gone. – Gone. Almost gone. Almost gone, barely breathing. So, what happens is, when you are selling at a low price when you’re in the commodity business when you’re selling to the general public. The problem with low prices is this, it’s not a sustainable advantage, in business.

Write this down. Competing on price is not a green advantage in business. Because, it’s very, very easy, for someone incoming, to your space, and say, “I’ll charge you less. “You charge x, I’ll charge y.” So, your advantage of “Oh, we guarantee the lowest price,” some of them, could come in and say, “We’ll sell 20% less than you.” Your advantage, it’s gone instantly. Okay, and they could maybe. How the hell do they do that? I mean I’m barely making a profit. Well, a lot of companies. They go into marketplace knowing, they’re basically using their capital, and say, “I’m gonna grab market share, “I’m gonna acquire these customers at a loss. “Just to put you out of business. “Just to put you out of business.”

They might know, “Well, you probably won’t last six months, “we have enough cash to last one year, you’re gone.” When you’re gone, then they become the game in the marketplace. And then they jack up their price again. So, and also customer infrastructure. To serve more clients, at a low price, requires, bigger, more infrastructure, i.e. more customer service, bigger office, more people, more shipping, handling, everything, it’s more. So, it requires a more complex infrastructure. Personally, and this is my personal preference, I like to keep my business lean, mean and simple. I’m not a big fan, and I know people make a lot of money doing that. And that’s a honer to them, just my personal preference, I like to keep my business, lean, and mean, and simple.

If I can hit my goal, my financial goal, with 1,000 customers, 10,000 customers, I prefer 1,000 customers. If I can hit my goal with 100 customers, I prefer 100 customers, then 1,000 customers. So, more profits, less hassle. But here’s the cool dollar help, business is a game of margins, not volume. In fact, repeat after me. Business.  Business. It is a game of Margins. – Not Volume. Volume.  Some businessmen say, “But Dan, I’ll make it up in volume. “And I’m doing half a million, my margin is like this. “Oh, if I make three million, then my margin would go up.” Don’t bet on that. Don’t bet on it. Do not bet on it. So, business is a game of margins, not volume.

I was watching, how many have seen the show the Profit? If you guys have not seen the show, watch the show. I don’t watch a lot of TV shows, but that’s a great show to watch. It’s like a mix of, Kitchens, combined with Shark Tank, Dragon’s Den kinda, type show. So, the Profit was watching one of the episodes, so basically, Marcus, who is the CEO of Camping World. He goes into this business, and try to fix them, and help the business owner. He would put in the money, but he’ll also put in the time and effort, and invest his expertise in turning around the company.

One of the episodes I was watching, Marcus, went to this meatpacking business. The business, the meat business, has been around for many, many, many years, I think if I remember correctly, 75 years, or something like that. They’re doing 50 million dollars a year in sales. 50 million. Is that a little bit of money, or is that lot of money? Lots of money.  Right, 50 million sales, 400 grand in losses every year. “You might think, “How the hell could a company do “50 million dollars a year in business, “and yet, lose 400 grand.” And also, they’re four million dollars in debt.

In debt. In loans, and everything else. And when Marcus looks, he looks in that guy’s business, he has 30k, 30k, 30 grand, cash in the bank. To say that the business is in trouble, is an understatement, okay. So, if you think, “Wow, 50 million dollars in sales.” So, because business is a game of margins, not volume, it doesn’t mean anything. This business is so close, when Marcus looks at the number, they’re weeks, weeks away from failure. Weeks away. 75 years of history, weeks away from failure, so think about that. So guys. Do not believe what the ladies tell you, because of size matters. Size matters, okay. I’m talking about transaction size, some of you are thinking about something else.


Do you think that why so many business owners are too fearful to charge high prices

Share it with me. What have you talked about? Aha insights, questions. So that I can take a break, right? Okay, yes. – Okay, by charging them higher price points to eliminate those low paying I guess. Sorry, like cheap clients. Yes. So you eliminate that and you only deal with like, the high-end clients. Yes. Do you eliminate the other risks or something? – Yes. You can serve the people that are willing to pay at a higher level and deliver more value the higher up you go. And you descend down the sales funnel and focus in on How old are you?

I’m 16. 16, high school kid! Talking about the sales funnel. I love it, man, I love it. I love it, I love it, I love it. Yeah, good, good, yes. Yes, coming from the back. Let’s see someone in the back. Awfully quiet you guys, come on. Yes. Do you think that there’s a reason that so many business owners are too fearful to charge high prices? Or why a lot of them, it’s their natural, you know. Coming next, coming next, yes, yes, a lot of time yes. How um, because I actually tried to do some research. Yes. I research like high net worth individuals, I was researching the whole market. Yes. But when I was trying to do primary research. Yes.

I couldn’t find anything. Like, about the need for my niche.  Ah, what would clients want? I couldn’t find any access, you know? To like, talking to people, I just that’s not. Do you mean access to the ideal clients that you want that are high net worth? – That’s right, yeah. Yeah, first of all, people that are high net worth, they are very what? Protective. Very protective, very guarded. Right, very guarded. And you notice if you go on Amazon, very few books, very few authors. First of all, very few businessmen know how to sell to individuals. Very few. Do you know why? Because they’re not one themselves. Because they’re not one themselves.

We sell to who we are comfortable with. So it’s like an agent. well you know yeah I can sell a half a million condo. But oh, selling a $10,000,000 home, I don’t even know where to start man. ‘Cause I’ve never lived in a $10,000,000 home. So a lot of businessmen they are not comfortable and they don’t know how to communicate with these people. And they would very often project their value on them. Okay, let me give you an example. Before the R8 I was, one of my dream cars when I was younger. And 20 something years old, was the RX8, the Mazda. I remember.

You remember, right? Yeah, the red and I had it on my vision board and I said someday I’m gonna get the car. And I would to the Mazda dealership. I would try to test drive the car. Okay? And I would go to one dealership and test drive, couple months later go to a different dealership of course, right? Test drive and test drove it three, four, five times. And finally, I could afford it. I walked into the dealership, Burnaby on Kingsway.

I walked into the dealership answer said, “I want that car.” And the salesman was saying, “Well, would you like to test drive it?” I said, “No.” “Well, you want me to walk you through the features?” And he was walking through the whole, “Let me show you the engine and this”, I said, “I’m ready to buy.” Like dude, take my money! Right? “Oh no let me walk you through this and this and that. “And then oh, actually no, we have this option here, “That it actually cost less.” Like, you know you can save some money on the, you know, the rims and the tires.

I don’t want to save money! Don’t you get it? Give me the best! Oh no no no, you don’t want to waste money on that.  And I was getting so pissed off I said, “Let me talk to your manager.” And the manager was smart. The man, “Hey, Sir, you’re looking for this car? “Good looking car, right?” “Yes, I want to buy it.” I said, “You know, we got just one in the store. “But not for every customer.” Slick, not for everyone. “And it’s a little bit more expensive, “It’s got all the features and sunroof and this and that.” and he explained, “But it cost a little bit more than “The usual feature, usual model.” “That’s the one I will take.” Five minutes closed my sale.

Done, paperwork, right? Just now financing everything else. So the sales guy was projecting his values on me, right? Because see, I’m not gonna buy a sports car. I’m driving the bus. He’s not listening to my needs. So when you sell to, I’m gonna go into some strategies and psychology. How to sell to affluent clients. And that’s why most businesses we’re comfortable selling to people at the same level or maybe slightly higher. And I always say, there was the other day I was talking to a coach. A coach. There are so many coaches nowadays it’s unbelievable.

A coach anyway, a success coach, whatever that means. A success coach and he was struggling and he’s saying, “Dan, I tried to sell to these clients. “Man, I tried to sell them a $10,000 package “And I’ve been trying it’s just nobody would buy.” I said, “Hmm.” I said, “Have you bought a $10,000 package? “Have you ever invested $10,000 in coaching yourself?” He said, “No, hell no! “I’m not gonna pay 10 grand.” So you have not done that before. You don’t know what it’s like to invest 10,000 in coaching. Then how can you expect you could sell someone on the idea to pay you 10,000 for coaching? It doesn’t make sense. ‘Cause you haven’t experienced it. And I said “The first thing you gotta do. “You better make enough money so you invest in somebody, “Right, that you know what it’s like.”

That 10 grand, you write that check. You know what the experience is like. He said, “Oh, no.” That’s the problem. Does that make sense?  That is the problem. So let’s talk about self-image for a second here. So most businessmen most of the time they are too slow to what? Raise prices.  To raise their prices. And it’s more about confidence and self-image than the actual value delivered. It has to do a lot with self-image. Because you don’t believe it as a businessman. You don’t believe you’re worth it. You don’t believe or maybe it’s not the right time. Or mindset, right Thomas? Oh, if I raise my prices, all my customers they’re gonna leave me. They’re gonna be gone, oh my God! Then I’m not gonna have money coming in, I can’t pay the bills.

The good mindset kicks in. If you are most businessmen if you’re afraid that raise your prices. And you’re afraid customers will leave, it’s not a pricing issue. It’s a marketing issue. It means your pipeline is not full enough. You don’t have enough people you’re talking to. You’re not selling to enough people. Not enough volume, that’s why you’re afraid. If you’re so busy. You have so much business coming in, you know if you increase your prices you’ll lose 10, 20%, do you care? No, because you lose that 10, 20%, it will be replaced by what? Better customers. Better customers! So it’s a sales issue.

Your pipeline is full, you don’t care. You do not, that’s the same thing that I tell the person that is bitching about 20 bucks to fuck off. My goal is to impact a million businessmen. There are a lot of them out there. I don’t have time to care about everyone’s feelings. If this is the big picture if you think about it. Right, 7,000,000,000 people on the planet. I’m busy, move on. That’s how I think. So the same thing with the business. If you’re busy, you don’t care. And I always, sometimes I tell, are there, let me ask you a question. Are there customers who we think of your business right now? Just picture this okay.

Are there customers with your business right now that you are just like, you would be happy very happy to get rid of them? Yes, those are what I call clients from hell. But why don’t you get rid of them? Because they pay. Also because what? Fear. Fear, yes. You try but they keep coming back because they’re- – They keep coming back, right? They’re a pain in the ass to deal with and they keep coming back. But think in terms of these difficult clients if you get rid of them.

Just imagine for a second, just imagine for a second okay? If you get rid of them, how would you feel? Free. – Okay. And how much more time that would free you up? So you could do more for the other clients and you can attract better clients. So it’s almost self-image, it’s fear. – Ten Times Your Finances, Ten Times Your Business, Ten Times Your Marketing, Ten Times Your Life. Hit the Subscribe button now.


How to face a major life or business problem

So who is this training for tonight? This is for anyone makes a living from their expertise, knowledge, or wisdom. Coaches, consultants, advisors, therapists, infopreneurs, professional service providers. I think that includes almost everyone here. Anyone that’s not in this category? The king of high-ticket sales. World’s highest-paid consultant. Media celebrity. Multi-millionaire entrepreneur. Acclaimed TEDx speaker. International best selling author. Dan Lok.

If you use your knowledge to solve a major, here’s a keyword, what’s the keyword? Major. – Major, life or business problem, this is for you. If you help people, just do like little things, like fix little things, this doesn’t work. It has to be a major life or business problem. And you must be outstanding at what you do. You must be what? Outstanding. At what you do. It means your services or insights really work when applied. It means if your client chooses to do business with you. They follow your advice, they follow what you say, and they do what you ask them to do.

Your staff needs to work. You have to be very, very good at what you do. I am world-class at what I do. I’m one of the best in the world at what I do. You have to look at yourself in the mirror, and say, am I the best in the world at what I do? Not just good. Am I the best in the world at what I do? Because if you truly are very, very good at what you do, I don’t want to sound, but people say that then the world would beat a path to your door, is true. Because most people out there are not very good at what they do. Yes?

Look at your people, your friends, your colleagues, your competitors, they’re not very good at what they do. Mediocre. Average. It takes, not a lot of work to go from bad to average. It takes a lot of work to go from average to good. And it takes a tremendous effort to go from good to outstanding. You think of the Olympics, gold medal and silver, tiny, tiny difference. There is not like, a big difference. It’s like a little difference. You’re talking about swimming, we’re talking like, sometimes a second difference. That’s what I’m talking about. That dedication to being good, continue improving yourself at what you do. It has to start with that. You want to charge a lot of money, you have to deliver a lot of value. Let’s start with that, okay? Does that make sense?

Hello? Yes. – Now does this sound like you? Do you start out every month wondering where the next client or deal is going to come from? Anybody? Okay, good. Do you give your service away for free too often? Anybody? Good. Do you feel your clients don’t pay you anywhere near what your work is worth? Anybody? Good. Do you feel a little selfish or guilty about the idea of charging a lot of money? Be honest. Good. Look around, not just you. Do you feel other people in your business making the kind of income you want to make? And you know deep down they don’t deliver as much as you. But you just have no idea how they are doing it.

Are you tired of facing new clients, trading time for money? Anybody? Good. Or maybe you have too many clients and feel impressed with the amount of time you have to work. You are not. You are not alone. It’s a very, very common problem. It’s a very common problem. Would you like to fix it? Yes.  Would you like to fix it tonight? Yes.  Yeah, we’re gonna fix it tonight. The average consultant and coach make less than $20K a year. $20K a year. And only coaches parttime. Why do you think they coach parttime? ‘Cause they’re not making enough money.

Most coaches and consultants are only parttime not because they don’t want to help more people. But because they can’t make a full-time living. Like they have a job, and then they do this thing, coaching, consulting thing on the side. Because they cannot make a full-time living doing it. They want to. They would love to do that, but they can’t. And their income can fluctuate wildly from month to month. How many of you, sometimes you have a great month, and then suddenly sometimes, next month is like shit. You all had that right? And sometimes you have a few months, you question yourself, well shit, should I keep doing this? And then suddenly you have a great month, right? All the time.

Very normal. Very, very normal. And here’s a very common question I get from people. Dan, I’ve got great engagement with my audience. I have a lot of followers. How many have some followers on social media? Right? I have a lot of followers. I even talk to some prospects on the phone, why am I not getting people who like me to pay me? Why am I not getting people who like me to pay me? Why do you think that is? Just, for those of you have followers. Too romantic. Too romantic? What does that mean? Like sleeping with clients? Like, what the hell’s going on? What was it? Too romantic? Love them too much to ask them for money. Love them too much, that you don’t ask them for money? Okay.

Seeker Syndrome. Okay, okay, seeker syndrome, okay. Nathan. Just because they follow you doesn’t mean they’re your ideal client. Just because they follow you doesn’t make them an ideal client. Very nice, I like that. Yes? Do you think, first they have to know you, and then they like you, and then they trust you. People do business with people who like, and they trust and they respect, yes. Of course, yes. I was gonna say, most people don’t ask. They just don’t ask for the sale. They don’t ask for the sale, very nice. You’re not delivering any value.  You’re not delivering value, or they don’t see the value. They don’t know exactly what you do. I’m gonna teach you how to articulate your value tonight. Yes.

Posture, positioning, that’s also part of it. No more offer. – No more offer. So they like you, they kind of you, but the don’t know exactly how you’re gonna solve my problem. So that’s unclear. Very good. All those are very, very common problems. So, what have you learned from my talk, and how does it apply to you. And how do you take direct action? Comment below, and let me know. If you have any other questions, you can also comment below. And don’t forget, click on the subscribe button. Turn on the notification, and hit the bell. So every single time I upload the new video, you will get notified. If you want to watch my other videos, make sure you can check them out on the left. You can check out all the other videos that I have. We have hundreds of videos on YouTube. You want to expand on a profit, check it out.


Why surveys are useful for every business

In every business, retailers can take a different action to improve their overall performance. To lead the business in a successful way they will try to provide good customer service. They will train their staff on how to behave with the customer. Conduct different training programs. As we know the customer is an important factor in business. So the retail store owner always tries to make customers happy and satisfied. In that customer survey is the way to know more about your service.

To know the customer’s opinions about their products and services retailers can take the customer survey. Also, They can conduct monthly sweepstakes to attract customers. It is the best way to know the customer’s needs. And it helps to know what customers think about your product and services. But to take part in the survey customer need detail which is printed on the valid receipt. Try to deliver a good customer experience.

To focus on the growth of the business, a customer survey is the best way. It helps to gather all the information about customers. If the retail store conducts the survey then they will get all the data that helps to improve the service. There are different types of surveys. A customer survey is a method of collecting feedback from the customers. It also helps to measure customer satisfaction.

The survey is the process to help the customer to achieve success. And makes changes in the grocery store’s products and services. It is the best strategy to improve customer service and communication plans. This process indicates that you value your customer’s opinions. While conducting a customer survey you have to include a valid question in that. Always keep in mind what is the aim of the survey? What decision do you take after completion of the survey?

Reasons why the survey is conducted:

The customer survey is very important to increase the growth of your business. They can offer free food vouchers to customers who participate in the survey. Taking a customer survey is very important because:

  • A customer survey can be used to collect feedback from the customers about the product.
  • It can be used as a research method in order to take future decisions.
  • It is also useful to collect customer and staff data for business purposes.
  • This method is used to monitor customer satisfaction and to improve the business process.

Detect the answers: 

The main aim of conducting a customer survey is to know the customer’s opinion about products and services. While taking the survey think about the environment which is best suited for the survey respondents. Respondents help to provide true feedback.

Evoke discussion

While taking the survey give a chance to your customer to discuss the important topic. Communicate with them politely. By doing this you will easily know what the customers are thinking about your product and services. It will help you to go dip into the customer survey and to solve the customer problems.

Base decisions on objective information

Conducting customer surveys is helps to make important business decisions. The retail store owner can collect unbiased data and make decisions based on the result analysis. After analyzing the survey result you can know the importance of the topic.

Compare results

Survey results provide detail about customer’s thoughts and opinions. The customer’s valuable feedback helps you to make changes to your product. Surveys are of different types it may be online surveys, feedback surveys, research surveys, the customer survey.

Different ways to survey your customers

1. Market analysis:

The aim of the customer survey is to understand customer needs and opinions. It helps to know what the market prefers and what is important. Asking the question to the customer about products or services helps to make future decisions.

2. Tracking performance.

To increase the growth of your retail store you can take a small customer survey. You can ask the customer to give your valuable feedback. To know about your great customer service and staff, ask feedback to the customer. Also aks them about their experience with your company.

3. Customer follow-up.

Sending a quick response after purchase will tell how you are responding to your customer’s needs. It is the best way to show the customers that you are thinking about their needs. It feels then you are giving value to them. The customers also feel free to tell their issues.

4. Customer demographics.

One of the best things in the business is to maintain a relationship with the customer. Taking a customer survey is a way to build a good relationship with them. In the survey, you can ask the customer about themself. For what they will give preference, their problems, needs and about their lives. At last, you can use this data to improve the product and services.