Aim for financial confidence, because financial freedom is an illusion

Let me tell you a story, a friend of mine. He was in my mastermind group and his name is Ryan. Ryan when I met him through mastermind. The number of years ago, he was making a million dollars a year, through Google AdSense. He calls himself the Search Engine Spammer. He would set up these sites, he would spam the search engine, spam google basically. And he would set up these pages and get money from AdSense. Show me the check, he’s doing 100 grand, 90 grand a month from Adsense. Multiple checks, he thought he was the smartest guy in the world, and he was pretty smart.

Then, of course, Google you know slap and changed the algorithm and all that stuff. So he, when I met him, was making a million bucks a year. Next year I met him again, half a million, year after, a hundred grand and then zero, and then zero. And he was like I don’t get this, I said dude “Who do you think is smarter, you or Google?” You have five guys on your team, Google has how many engineers? How the hell can you possibly outsmart them, you’re lucky you made that money for a period of time. So again I can see well just because, it’s passive, doesn’t mean it’s what? Permanent.

Permanent. It does not mean it’s permanent. So here’s the truth, don’t aim for financial freedom. Aim for financial confidence, because financial freedom is an illusion. It does not exist, I can tell you right now, it’s a fantasy, it’s what those gurus or experts, and they want you to believe, that they have this. Oh yeah, you want to be free it does not exist. I can tell you right now because just because you’re free right now. It doesn’t mean you’re free two months from now or two years from now.

How do many follow what I’m saying? It doesn’t mean, but financial confidence oh totally different. Because I believe financial freedom, financial independence. All those concepts they’re outdated, I believe they’re outdated. Financial confidence is in our animal. I’m talking about knowing you have the skills and the ability, to make money anywhere and anytime you want. That’s true security. You’re not depending on Google, you’re not depending on whatever vehicle, you’re not depending on the stock market. You’re not depending on anything, you’re not depending on a thing to make you money, because who makes you money? You.

You make you money. It’s the same thing with me I tell people, take away everything I have, leave me with my brain, with my context. I can make it back, that’s true security, you can, because nobody can take that away from you. My skills in how I do business, my business. I can make money doesn’t matter. And that’s why people say that, oh you know Dan you have the Midas touch, you know whatever your industry you get into. And I make money in multiple industries, totally unrelated industries, and oh this is so great. I always say to them, you know you should have seen me ten years ago when everything I touch turns to shit.

Now I say oh everything you touch turns to gold because now I have to skills. It’s who I am today, then I get into the business. Then I can make money, does that make sense? so it’s a myth. Financial confidence. So aim for financial confidence, don’t aim for financial freedom. That’s number one. Myth number two is passive income. Now I can see you’re really shocked. So passive income and I checked this out on Wikipedia. What does it mean? So passive income is an income received on a regular basis with little effort required to maintain it. That’s from internet, from Wikipedia.

Passive income. I don’t understand Dan what do you mean? I’m here for passive income And you tell me it’s a myth. Now you really fucked up my mind. What is going on? What is going on? Let me tell you what passive income is not. Passive income, generating passive income is not easy and it takes a lot of hard work because when people associate, oh passive income it means effortless. It means it’s easy, it means it’s quick. You know what I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad three months ago and now how come three months later I’m not financially free? It’s the wrong expectation.

Just because it’s passive doesn’t mean it’s permanent, just because it’s passive doesn’t mean it’s easy. Now, why is it not easy? Why do most people only know how to create linear income and not passive income? Tell me, tell me why? Because it’s easier. Change. – Because it’s easier yes and you get it in 30 days or a short period of time. Yes? It takes a lot of pressure. Change doesn’t want to change. Yes? Long time to build.  It takes a long time to build yes but why, so people know that but why are people struggling to create they know I kind of want passive but you look at their chart almost all the income comes from linear but why is that? What’s causing that? For security. – Security.

It takes a lot of time for a person to build. – Takes a lot yes but, No confidence. No content but think about this. Taught over time.  Yes! George, great answer. Because in school, which income we are taught to generate? Linear. Linear, from a very young age yes? What about parents? Same yup. Same thing. When you go to school is there a class called passive income 101?

If there’s one I mean I would have taken it. Or get a good job. Yes, so it is what we’re taught so we are not equipped with the skills to generate other forms of income. We just don’t know-how and people kind of get into it. They kind of make mistakes, they kind of learn it through school how not but it’s not in the school system. Now, why is it not in the school system by the way? Linear thinking.

Why is it on the school system? Because the teachers are linear? Yeah, the teachers are linear so they cannot teach you how to generate passive but think about it for school. School is designed to create what? Jobs. Slaves. -Jobs, employees. So who controls the school anyway? Socialists.Government.  Yeah, socialists, government, corporations right? If you study history, it’s actually a whole bunch of big corporations one day they get together. And say “you know what we need some more workers. “we don’t have enough workers “let’s create a system so we’ll never want our workers.” And that’s how the school system was born if you study history.

So if you think about it in the school system. We were not taught how to do that and that’s why people have challenges doing that. And for them to think well you know what I got to get pay. I got to do the thing and in 30 days and I get my paycheck and that’s it. So it doesn’t mean it’s easy and also generating passive does not happen overnight. So I want to adjust your expectations, adjust you are what? Expectation. Knowing that’s what you’re getting into. So then you won’t be, how come I tried this, in 30 days I’m not making the passive income, I fail! You haven’t failed! It’s the way it’s supposed to be! It takes fucking time! It does.

It takes, now how long does it take? A long time. A long fucking time!  Seriously. So also passive doesn’t mean it’s effortless. If anything it’s the opposite. Passive it does not mean it’s effortless and also you think in terms of this. All the people, let’s say them Forbes 400, some of the wealthiest people on the planet. The Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett. Now when you go online can you go to YouTube And then search some of the interviews yes?

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